Twisted Drunk

Twist This weekend was lots of fun. It was great because I had such a boring week. Friday Arlet and Vivian came over. We decided to get desert. We were originally going to rent some movies but Arlet was tired as usual. We went to Cabana Lounge which was nice. It’s a great outdoor cafe with nice comfy couches. We had some drinks and desert. We walked around for a while and the sisters were soon on their way.

I think Arlet really hates walking up and down Lincoln Road because she feels very self concious. I can’t blame here. South Beach has a way of doing that to people. The one drawback of coming back to the beach is living around all these beautiful people. You slowly start to believe that this is how the whole world works, but it’s really an illusion. The good part is that it greatly motivated you to get in shape.

Saturday I had the Rafael and Tommy invasion. We hit the beach for a while which was nice. I swear I loose six pounds everytime we walk to the beach and back. We had some dinner and then headed to Twist. It had been so long since I had gone to Twist. I loved it. Tommy and I preferred the stripper bar, where my favorite bartender was back from San Francisco. He always hooks us up with shots everytime we order something.

We had so many drinks that we actually walked back home. I was spinning around the whole time. Even Sunday morning I felt the biggest hang over! It was great! I was going to call my parents to cancel our sunday lunch because I had to finish my project, but they were already on the way. I’m glad that I didn’t cancel because we walked Lincoln Road, hung out at the apartment, and ate at Big Pink. We all had a great time and I finished my homework!

It was a very successful weekend. I look forward to more of those. I know next wekeend is going to be great because I get paid and the Madonna concert is in a week!!!! I can’t wait. I’ll let you guys know how it goes.

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