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Vegas Mug Collection [4 Ahead, 3 Down]

Friday, June 25th, 2004
Vegas Mugs

My coffee mug collection just grew stronger by four. The picture shows the ones that survived and that I kept. Three broke on the bumpy trip from Las Vegas to Fort Lauderdale. I also gave two away. One of my favorite’s broke which was the one from Madame Tussauds Wax Museum. I’ll have to visit again to get one, I couldn’t find a souveneir section on their website. My absolute favorite has to be a tie between the Paris, Las Vegas and the starbucks one. They are both so cute!

Now for the details of the trip! When we got to Las Vegas we were holding our breath. The oasis that we had imagined Blue Moon to be was a trashy converted Travel Lodge. I was expecting something along the lines of Key West, but oh well! I can’t knock the hotel too much because I did find a hottie to fool around with. I came into the sex/video room one night and we hit it off immediately. We started to blow each other until an older guy came in to ruin the party. I was making my way out and down to the first level when I noticed he got up behind me and started following me. I ran into Rafael and Rob downstairs by the elevator talking to a very drunk guy who wanted to go to our room, I’ll save that one for another story, and I headed outside.

We found our way to the outside shed where we had some anal fun in the outside pool area. He left after that day and I never saw him again. There were two other hotties around the place but other than that it was a dissapointment. Next time I go to Vegas I’ll either be staying at the Rio or the Bellagio. Who knows when that will be!

It was Rafael’s and Rob’s first time in Vegas. So of course they freaked out after the second day because they realized how much money one can spend in Vegas. Rafael was getting over the casinos stating, and I quote, “It’s all the same after a while”. His wicked witch of the East act subsided when he actually won some money at CaveMan Keno. It was a hundred and something bucks but Rafael danced, danced, revolution like it was thousands. After that point he started having fun again!!

We visited all the big hotels, or at least most of them. We didn’t catch any shows because we seriously ran out of money but we had more than our fair share of rides and attractions. My favorite is still New York, New York’s rollercoaster. I take a shit everytime the rollercoaster takes that first drop.

This time around we did the Star Trek experience. We did this for Rafael. Rob and I were laughing the whole time and Rafael was running around getting ASSimiliated. We ate at the restaurant which was overpriced and the food tasted freaking strange, what can you expect for alien food. The whole place had a fishy smell. I don’t know if it was on purpose or by accident. Rob and I tried not to laugh when the workers at the hotel took their characters way too seriously. But the two rides were very fun, and the Borg encounter had it’s scary moments.

We also checked out the gay clubs on Saturday night. Gipsy reminded me a lot of UC in Gainesville. There were all types of guys and the place was a hangout for the younger crowd. We went to the pool bar across the street which I think was their leather bar, we didn’t stay there too long. We also checked out the other place on that strip, can’t remember the name now, but it reminded me of the Copa in Fort Lauderdale. It also had a very mixed crowd. Now I know where the lesbians hang out in Las Vegas. We also went to Hamburger Mary’s there. It was cute. It’s right behind the Hard Rock Cafe where the Gipsy is.

We had a very good time and by the end of the week we were ready to go home. We had walked tons in the blistering heat and our pockets weren’t as heavy. We rented a car with dreams of driving through the desert and checking out the Hoover dam, but that never happened. Now here’s my favorites list of Las Vegas:

  1. Favorite Buffet: Aladdin’s Buffet
  2. Favorite View: Paris’ Eiffel Tower
  3. Favorite Free Show: Bellagio Fountains
  4. Favorite Hotel: The Rio/Venetian
  5. Favorite Place to Gamble: Downtown!!
  6. Favorite Rollercoaster: Taxi New York, New York
  7. Hottest Guys: Bellagio
  8. Favorite Mall: Aladdin’s Desert Passageways
  9. Favorite Game: Slot Machines/Caveman Keno
  10. Classiest Casino: Mandalay Bay

Before I forget I have finsihed creating the Vegas Image Galleries. I created two galleries and you can take a look at them by going to the third image gallery page. Let me know what you guys think of the pictures! I forgot the camera the day we went to the Rio which really sucked because you guys missed Rafael in his Carnivale dress! Oh well. Next time.

Las Vegas 2004

Thursday, June 24th, 2004

Here is a taste of the trip that Rob, Rafael, and I just took. The Blue Moon Lodge was ghetto as hell, but we still made the best of it. I’ll be creating an image gallery soon with all the pictures, even if they didn’t turn out so well. I’ll have all the trashy details about the hotel and the fun that we had tomorrow. I have to catch up with work and school. In the meantime, here are some of my favorite pics to keep you busy until I create the gallery….

Paris, Las Vegas
Curly Kelvis
Mandalay Bay

Ping-Pong Match Over: SoBe Winner

Sunday, June 13th, 2004

Well the indecisiveness is over. South Beach finally won out. The house didn’t work out. Mario didn’t work out. Fort Lauderdale didn’t work out. Rafael and I spent most of the day saturday looking at Deco Dumps. After a very long and not so uplifting day I called my old rental company from a year ago. She showed me one place that looked awful. I was ready to throw it in, but then she showed me this place. It’s on Lennox and 16th, half-block from Lincoln, I’m literally behind the Colony Theatre. It’s great.

The apartment was furnished and didn’t allow pets, but since she liked me as a tenant, she’s moving all the furniture, allowing Lola, she also waived the application and pet fee. I can pay the last deposit in 30-60 days. Here is the best part!!!! I have my own parking space. It’s out of this world!

I can’t wait to move in. July 4th weekend is the day I’m moving all the shit over there. I don’t look forward to the actual move, but can’t wait to go back on the beach! I’ll let you guys know more soon…

New Home: Front

New Home: Side

Hindi Gods

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2004

Sarah Macdonald’s book, Holy Cow sparked my interest with Hinduism and their diverse and colorful gods. I have included my five favorite gods. I got the information and pictures from two very good hindu sites: and Indian Heritage where I got the pictures of the gods. Both are great sites to learn about Hindi culture and religion.

Before I display the god portraits I’d like to share my favorite quote from the book: “I thank Hinduism for showing me that there are millions of paths to the divine.”


Siva the Destroyer


Vishnu the Sustainer


Ganesh Remover of Obstacles


Hanuman the Courageous


Lakshmi Goddess of Prosperity

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