Holy Cow: An Indian Adventure

Seminole Hard Rock Casino

I went twice to the Seminole Hardrock Casino this long weekend. My parents wanted to check it out Friday night. Apparently then loved it because they rang me up on Sunday to go one more time! We had a great time both times. We won a little, lost most of our money, and ate at the food court. For some reason there is nothing more enjoyable then loosing your money at a casino. Anywhere else would be considered a tragedy, but here we are happy to part with the money.

On the second trip my dad said he would help Mario and I get that house we want to rent. I am very excited about the prospect but there is still a lot of shoving to do to get things in order to get the house. So much beauracracy! I had gone Saturday to check out places to rent on Miami Beach. I started out with Renter’s Paradise. They usually show really cute apartments. However this time around all I saw was crap. Expensive crap at that! Some apartments that went for $850.00 a month looked like hole in the walls you would find in a third world country. In SoBe it’s considered a steal.

I did see one apartment that I loved. It even included a parking spot. That is unheard of on the beach. Of course it was $945.00 a month. My excitement quickly subsided when I realized that that’s way too much to pay for one place. Especially if I want to save up enough to buy my own place. My parents agreed…which is why they are all about helping us get this house. I showed them the pictures and drove them by it, they loved it!

Holy Cow: An Indian Adventure I just finished reading the coolest book that I’ve read in a while. It’s funny because I picked it up as a last resort. Roscoe had given me a gift certificate for Barnes and Noble. I was running through the store to waste it. I had already wasted $5.00 on starbucks coffee and spending the rest on coffee was unoriginal, plus I didn’t feel like coffee! I ran through the store for about an hour. I almost bought some buddha head bookends, which were too cool, but much to my chagrin they were out of them, so much for karma!

I decided to get two paperback books instead. I chose The Face from Dean Koontz, who is my favorite suspense writer, and I picked up Holy Cow by Sarah Macdonald. It was under the new and noteworthy authors section. I love anything about India and this book promised to be a good read. It basically follows the author who is stationed in India for a year of her life. The book presents a unique view of India. Usually when you read about India it’s all positive charged with spirituality. This book looks at India through Western eyes.

At first she is disgusted by the dirt, the poverty, and the people. Slowly as she exposes the different practices and religions of India she becomes less jaded, more intuned with India, and at the end of the book feels like she is a true Indian. The book is a great travel essay which portrays many of the different religions which originated or found their home in India. After reading this book, which at times can be hilarious, I feel I know more about Indian culture and I have a better understanding of the different religions of the world.

When I finished the book I felt as though I had traveled India along with the author. Now that I have finished the book I must travel to India! Even though the beginning of the book paints India as a brutal place, I am still intruiged by the culture and the differences between the people of India and Americans. I look forward to future books by Macdonald. I love her style and frankness in her writing. I hope to find a travel mate in the future who will experience India with me. Before that I have to check out Europe. One step at a time right!

Seminole Hard Rock Casino

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