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Hound Dog

I wanted to share the basset hound picture with you guys. Those of you that know me know what a dog freak I am, I love kitties too (don’t worry Rocco). I have a daily calendar with the cutest pictures in it. Workman Publishing makes the calendar and I will update the blog with different pictures that I find cute. I hope you guys like this one.

I was at the bookstore this Saturday with Rafael and I bought Angels and Demons by Dan Brown. If the name sounds familiar he wrote the DaVinci Code which is one of my all time favorite books. If you haven’t checked out Dan Brown’s website, it has an awesome online game that you can play in the spirit of the DaVinci Code. It rocks, especially if you live puzzles. I also bought the Dalai Lama’s How to Practice the way to a Meaningful Life. I’ve been meaning to expand my spiritual in buddhism.

Angels & DemonsLet me begin with Angels and Demons. This book was actually written before the DaVinci code. It involves the same lead as the other book and it actually has many, many similiarities. Actually it’s complete formula. If you liked DaVinci code then you will automatically like this one. At one point I thought I was reading the same book. At first I was mad but I finished the book in two days and a half so he really has perfected his formula. This time around we find ourselves in Italy and the suspense surrounds the very mysterious Illuminiati cult and the Vatican. I think more than anything this novel makes me want to go to Italy so damn bad! I know it’s not a travel book but damn, I almost booked my flight to rome yesterday….one day!

The book had the same twists and turns as DaVinci code, very very similiar twists. There is the anonymous (h)assassin who never meets his master. And of course there is always some genious slut who saves the world and then looses all her intelligence because she needs to make love to Landon…..but don’t get me wrong I’m only critical because I love! This book had me raptured. It’s the third book that I read from Brown, and he always delivers. Check out Digital Fortress if you want DaVinci code with a techno geek twist. It’s great! NSA all the way!

Iluminati DiamondBecause of this book now I know if I ever got a tattoo it would definately be the Illuminati diamond or Diamond & Diamond. It’s a perfect ambigram because any way you turn it, it looks the same. It incorporates the elements of early science: earth,air,fire and water. I included a picture so that you guys can see it. I fell in love with the design since I saw it. Tilt your head sideways, it looks the same! No WAY! I know.

I just started reading the Dalai Lama’s book. Even though I’ve only ready the introduction and the first chapter I know I am going to enjoy this book immensely. The book is basically a how to guide on how to life your life better utilizing the approaches that are common in Buddhist teachings. Usually I am bothered by any type of organized religion, people often mistakenly think that I am athiest, which I am not, I just don’t believe in most organized religions, especially the Catholic Church! Anyways I’ve always liked eastern religions because they focus internally instead of on external events which one has no control over.

Dalai LamaThe book is also a great introduction to buddhism philosphy. I’m currently starting on the four noble truths. In case you are wondering the four noble truths are the beginnings of a path that will lead to contemplation and enlightenment. I wont bore you with all the details but the four truths are:

  1. Know the specific types of suffering within us
  2. Discover what causes these sufferings
  3. Figure out if it is possible to remove these causes
  4. Determine how to go about removing the causes

It’s great because the book goes into great detail. Currently I’m in the section that describes the different types of suffering. I’ll end tomorrow’s blog with the different types of suffering and what I got out of that chapter! Till then.

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