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Tarpon River: New Beginnings in Fort Lauderdale

Monday, May 31st, 2004

It’s official! We put a bid on the house, for rent, don’t think it’s to buy! Hopefully we’ll hear by the end of the week if we have it or not. I couldn’t resist so I’m putting up the pictures that Mario and I took of the house. We snuck in last weekend and took these snapshots of the place. It’s full of charm!

Tarpon River House

Front of the House

Tarpon River House

Back of the House

Tarpon River House

Chimney and Living Area

Tarpon River House


Tarpon River House

Mario’s Room

Tarpon River House

Kelvis’ Room

Tarpon River House

Room for the new Roommate

Tarpon River House

Kelvis’ Office

Tarpon River House

1/3 Bathrooms

Tarpon River House

the Backyard

Holy Cow: An Indian Adventure

Monday, May 31st, 2004
Seminole Hard Rock Casino

I went twice to the Seminole Hardrock Casino this long weekend. My parents wanted to check it out Friday night. Apparently then loved it because they rang me up on Sunday to go one more time! We had a great time both times. We won a little, lost most of our money, and ate at the food court. For some reason there is nothing more enjoyable then loosing your money at a casino. Anywhere else would be considered a tragedy, but here we are happy to part with the money.

On the second trip my dad said he would help Mario and I get that house we want to rent. I am very excited about the prospect but there is still a lot of shoving to do to get things in order to get the house. So much beauracracy! I had gone Saturday to check out places to rent on Miami Beach. I started out with Renter’s Paradise. They usually show really cute apartments. However this time around all I saw was crap. Expensive crap at that! Some apartments that went for $850.00 a month looked like hole in the walls you would find in a third world country. In SoBe it’s considered a steal.

I did see one apartment that I loved. It even included a parking spot. That is unheard of on the beach. Of course it was $945.00 a month. My excitement quickly subsided when I realized that that’s way too much to pay for one place. Especially if I want to save up enough to buy my own place. My parents agreed…which is why they are all about helping us get this house. I showed them the pictures and drove them by it, they loved it!

Holy Cow: An Indian Adventure I just finished reading the coolest book that I’ve read in a while. It’s funny because I picked it up as a last resort. Roscoe had given me a gift certificate for Barnes and Noble. I was running through the store to waste it. I had already wasted $5.00 on starbucks coffee and spending the rest on coffee was unoriginal, plus I didn’t feel like coffee! I ran through the store for about an hour. I almost bought some buddha head bookends, which were too cool, but much to my chagrin they were out of them, so much for karma!

I decided to get two paperback books instead. I chose The Face from Dean Koontz, who is my favorite suspense writer, and I picked up Holy Cow by Sarah Macdonald. It was under the new and noteworthy authors section. I love anything about India and this book promised to be a good read. It basically follows the author who is stationed in India for a year of her life. The book presents a unique view of India. Usually when you read about India it’s all positive charged with spirituality. This book looks at India through Western eyes.

At first she is disgusted by the dirt, the poverty, and the people. Slowly as she exposes the different practices and religions of India she becomes less jaded, more intuned with India, and at the end of the book feels like she is a true Indian. The book is a great travel essay which portrays many of the different religions which originated or found their home in India. After reading this book, which at times can be hilarious, I feel I know more about Indian culture and I have a better understanding of the different religions of the world.

When I finished the book I felt as though I had traveled India along with the author. Now that I have finished the book I must travel to India! Even though the beginning of the book paints India as a brutal place, I am still intruiged by the culture and the differences between the people of India and Americans. I look forward to future books by Macdonald. I love her style and frankness in her writing. I hope to find a travel mate in the future who will experience India with me. Before that I have to check out Europe. One step at a time right!

Seminole Hard Rock Casino

Movies and the House Renting Shuffle

Friday, May 28th, 2004
Puppy Smile

It’s been very crazy lately. I haven’t written in a while because of it. School is cracking down and will hopefully be over. I’m mentally getting ready for my las vegas trip. I am also trying to find a place to live. Finding a place to live has been crazy. For some godforsaken reason there is an unwritten rule that apartments/houses in south florida are only available the minute you are looking. They will not reserve in advance at all. This makes my situation very stressful because I want to have a place nailed down by the time I go to Las Vegas.

Mario and I made up. We were at odds for a while. I told him that the only reason that I would stay in Fort Lauderdale would be if we got a house. After seeing a couple of properties we stumbled across an amazing house! It is beautiful and really belongs in south beach but it has fort lauderdale prices! We were both very excited about it, but I doubt we will get it. The deposit to get the house is very high and it seems like every possible obstacle has been thrown our way. The realtor we are working with goes very slowly. I’m still going to South Beach tomorrow to check a couple of places out. If I see something amazing I’ll snatch it right away. I have a feeling it won’t though. You have to go through a lot of crap before you can see nice things, especially on the beach.

This past weekend I checked out a couple of movies. I went to go see Troy with Susie, Rafael, and Tommy. The movie was great but more importantly the theatre that we went to was amazing! It was in Boca Raton and we had to make reservations before. The theatre is actually on the balcony level and the seats are loveseats. There is a restaurant and bar which you can go to outside and bring restaurant food inside to the movie. The experience was amazing and I plan to do it again. At least for as long as I’m in Fort Lauderdale. It would be a long commute from South Florida. Shrek 2

Mario and I also watched Shrek 2. It was hilarious. I was kind of expecting the second part not to be as funny as the first. But it was hilarious. My favorite parts was the puss’n’boots look that he gives and the wolf dressed as grandma, especially when he breaks it down through the window when they look after Shrek’s place. Check out the movie for some good laughs.

I have my fingers crossed about the house. I think it would be a very cool experience to live in that house. I snapped some photos of the place but won’t put it up online until I have a better feeling that we will get the place. Why tease? We’ve already gone back and forth a couple of times so I don’t think I can deal with putting up the pics and then not getting the place. I will say it has a fireplace and everything. Tons of charm. We’d be getting a third roommate also which would be an interesting experience. But if that were to work out then Mario and I would pay significantly less rent then we do now. And samui villas will gonna us get more money.

I’ll let you guys know what happens after I look at some places in South Beach tomorrow. We’ll see!


Gangry = Gay + Angry

Wednesday, May 19th, 2004
Gay Pimp

I was reading an article in Instinct Magazine today featuring the Gay Pimp’s new song/video, “Looking Cute, Feeling Cute”. He was being interviewed about his views of what Bush is trying to do by backing an amendment banning gay marriage, and his response was he was gangry! He later explained that gangry was gay + angry. I couldn’t stop laughing. I thought it was brilliant. And boy have I been feeling gangry recently….but that’s left for another post. I don’t want to taint this one.

Seminole Hard Rock CasinoFor my birthday RafLo, Susie, Roscoe and I went to check out the new Seminole Hardrock Casino. We had a great time. The place was gigantic. It actually felt like Las Vegas, except that instead of coins you get tickets. But it was still hands down better than the Miccasouke one in South Miami. RafLo found a twenty-dollar ticket inside a machine which I thought was very lucky. He was all excited but once his money ran out, he was “tired” and ready to go home. As is always with RafLo…what can I say he was born a diva at heart.

After my birthday I’ve been feeling plain blah. No excitement either way. I think it’s mostly due to the situation at home and the state of transition. The upcoming move back to SoBe is all in the future and there isn’t much I can do now. I want school to end too. It’s just dragging….wait that’s me.

Liz PhairI have been keeping busy though. I rekindled my love affair with my playstation 2. I bought some new games but haven’t had a chance to play them because I’m still trying to beat the Hobbit which I’ve been doing for a year it feels like. Stupid fucking game, I’m so close!! I bought the Suffering which looked promising but the controls were horrible, so it sucks. I also got Metal Arms and Lord of the Rings III. Can’t wait to play them all! It keeps me busy you know! If only I can study and play at the same time.

In the music department I’ve totally devoted myself to womyn rock. I burned a cd for Roscoe and it just fueled my thirst for women rockers. I’m totally obssesed with Liz Phair and her new album. I prompted myself to get the album after liking her two new singles way too much. The album is amazing. It was kind of like Madonna’s American Life. I had to listen to it a couple of times and then I couldn’t put it down.

Alanis MorisetteI also ran across Alanis Morissette’s new stuff. I ran across her new video on of all things AOL’s broadband videos. The song is called Everything and it’s great. I love Alanis’ voice but I do admit that some of her songs kind of run the same. From the new album which only has about nine songs, I liked Everything and Knees of my Bees (totally rocking beat). Her new video is too cute and she looks great! I hope this album does better than her last two! I want to sign off my post with my favorite Liz Phair song currently it’s a bit racy but it’s awesome. It’s called H.W.C:

Give it to me, don’t give it away

Don’t think about what the others say

My skins getting clear, my hairs so bright

All you do is fuck me every day and night

You’re my secret beauty routine

Na, na, na, na, what my body has seen

I am lookin’ good and I’m feeling nice

Baby you’re the best magazine advice

Gimme your hot white cum

Gimme your hot white cum

Gimme your hot white cum

Gimme your hot white cum

I’m gonna pull you back down between the sheets

Everything is fresher when the day is sweet

In the morning light when you’re already on the phone

Face it, one of these days

Without you I’m just another Dorian Gray

It’s the fountain of youth

It’s the meaning of life

So hot, so sweet, so WHET my appetite

Gimme your hot white cum

Gimme your hot white cum

Gimme your hot white cum

Gimme your hot white cum

Face it, one of these days

Without you I’m just another Dorian Gray

It’s the fountain of youth

It’s the meaning of life

Baby you’re the best magazine advice

Gimme your hot white cum

Gimme your hot white cum

Gimme your hot white cum

Gimme your hot white cum

Gimme your hot white cum

Gimme your hot white cum

Gimme your hot white cum

Gimme your hot white cum

Your hot white cum

     H.W.C // Liz Phair

Happy Birthday to Me!

Thursday, May 13th, 2004

Not a Puppy Anymore

I’m sure not a puppy anymore! 27. What a crazy number. Last time I checked I was still 16, what happened? Life sure has a funny way of speeding up just when you’re starting to get the hang of things. I’m a little nervous and a little anxious. I’m getting so close to 30. I know its silly, but I can’t help it. It’s in my nature even though I’ve always believed there is a dignity in growing older. With all that said, I’m sure when I have my mid-life crisis it will be long, hard, and soaking in drama. GUARANTEED!

Every year that I am alive I learn so much, I change into something better. This keeps me going. Friends keep me going. Knowledge, the thrill of life and exploring all there is out there keeps me curious. To a youthful heart! My body might age with time but my heart and mind will always stay young and playful. Now all I have to do is find that anti-aging medication, and fast!

It’s also Lola’s birthday! Roscoe gave her to me on my 23rd birthday. Since she was adopted and I never knew her real birthday she celebrates it with me. I definately have to take her to the park today :)

Now for some interesting bits of information:

Famous Birthdays

  1. Singer Shanice is 31
  2. Movie writer-director Sofia Coppola is 33
  3. Actress Cate Blanchett is 35
  4. Movie producer George Lucas is 60

On this Date in History

In 1643, Louis XIV became King of France at age 4 upon the death of his father, Louis the 13th.

In 1804, 200 years ago, the Lewis and Clark expedition to explore the Louisiana Territory left St. Louis.

In 1942, the Women’s Auxiliary Army Corps was established.

In 1948 (according to the current-era calendar), the independent state of Israel was proclaimed in Tel Aviv.

In 1955, representatives from eight Communist bloc countries, including the Soviet Union, signed the Warsaw Pact in Poland.

In 1964, Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev joined United Arab Republic President Gamel Abdel Nasser in setting off charges, diverting the Nile River from the site of the Aswan High Dam project.

In 1973, the United States launched Skylab One, its first manned space station.

In 1975, U.S. forces raided the Cambodian island of Koh Tang and recaptured the American merchant ship Mayaguez. All 40 crew members were released safely by Cambodia, but some 40 U.S. servicemen were killed in the military operation.

In 1980, President Carter inaugurated the Department of Health and Human Services.

In 1998, singer-actor Frank Sinatra died at a Los Angeles hospital at age 82.

There is a Buddha inside all of us

Tuesday, May 11th, 2004
Hound Dog

I wanted to share the basset hound picture with you guys. Those of you that know me know what a dog freak I am, I love kitties too (don’t worry Rocco). I have a daily calendar with the cutest pictures in it. Workman Publishing makes the calendar and I will update the blog with different pictures that I find cute. I hope you guys like this one.

I was at the bookstore this Saturday with Rafael and I bought Angels and Demons by Dan Brown. If the name sounds familiar he wrote the DaVinci Code which is one of my all time favorite books. If you haven’t checked out Dan Brown’s website, it has an awesome online game that you can play in the spirit of the DaVinci Code. It rocks, especially if you live puzzles. I also bought the Dalai Lama’s How to Practice the way to a Meaningful Life. I’ve been meaning to expand my spiritual in buddhism.

Angels & DemonsLet me begin with Angels and Demons. This book was actually written before the DaVinci code. It involves the same lead as the other book and it actually has many, many similiarities. Actually it’s complete formula. If you liked DaVinci code then you will automatically like this one. At one point I thought I was reading the same book. At first I was mad but I finished the book in two days and a half so he really has perfected his formula. This time around we find ourselves in Italy and the suspense surrounds the very mysterious Illuminiati cult and the Vatican. I think more than anything this novel makes me want to go to Italy so damn bad! I know it’s not a travel book but damn, I almost booked my flight to rome yesterday….one day!

The book had the same twists and turns as DaVinci code, very very similiar twists. There is the anonymous (h)assassin who never meets his master. And of course there is always some genious slut who saves the world and then looses all her intelligence because she needs to make love to Landon…..but don’t get me wrong I’m only critical because I love! This book had me raptured. It’s the third book that I read from Brown, and he always delivers. Check out Digital Fortress if you want DaVinci code with a techno geek twist. It’s great! NSA all the way!

Iluminati DiamondBecause of this book now I know if I ever got a tattoo it would definately be the Illuminati diamond or Diamond & Diamond. It’s a perfect ambigram because any way you turn it, it looks the same. It incorporates the elements of early science: earth,air,fire and water. I included a picture so that you guys can see it. I fell in love with the design since I saw it. Tilt your head sideways, it looks the same! No WAY! I know.

I just started reading the Dalai Lama’s book. Even though I’ve only ready the introduction and the first chapter I know I am going to enjoy this book immensely. The book is basically a how to guide on how to life your life better utilizing the approaches that are common in Buddhist teachings. Usually I am bothered by any type of organized religion, people often mistakenly think that I am athiest, which I am not, I just don’t believe in most organized religions, especially the Catholic Church! Anyways I’ve always liked eastern religions because they focus internally instead of on external events which one has no control over.

Dalai LamaThe book is also a great introduction to buddhism philosphy. I’m currently starting on the four noble truths. In case you are wondering the four noble truths are the beginnings of a path that will lead to contemplation and enlightenment. I wont bore you with all the details but the four truths are:

  1. Know the specific types of suffering within us
  2. Discover what causes these sufferings
  3. Figure out if it is possible to remove these causes
  4. Determine how to go about removing the causes

It’s great because the book goes into great detail. Currently I’m in the section that describes the different types of suffering. I’ll end tomorrow’s blog with the different types of suffering and what I got out of that chapter! Till then.

Coffee Mug Collection

Wednesday, May 5th, 2004
Key West Coffee Cup

I just added a new hobby to my list. Everytime I go on vacation now I will be hunting down a coffee mug with the location that I am visiting. I figure people collect all kinds of tacky stuff when they are on vacation, which I love, so I figured I’ll actually collect something that I use daily!

I’m a huge java nut! I must drink at least two cups a day, which I’m sure is great for my blood pressure! I have a couple of cool mugs that I use, and currently my favorite cups are the two key west coffee mugs that I picked up during my last trip. When I take my vacation in June I’m not coming back until I have a coffee cup from Las Vegas and Los Angeles. And of course I’ll be taking pictures of them to show you guys, after all what’s the point of my digital camera if I don’t use it often!

My search for apartments on the beach is going very slow. Every place tells me that I have to wait until the end of May before I start looking. This really sucks because I want everything worked out before I go on my trip. I hope it all works out. If I had to guess I’ll probably be going with Streamline Properties, only because their pet fees are super low and I wouldn’t have to pay the application fee. Also they were the first company I went with when I moved to beach and I really liked them.

The Ring Affects Pets Too

Tuesday, May 4th, 2004

This is what happens when your pets watch The Ring. The movie showed that when people watch the home-made video any pictures that they appear in are blurred out. However, no one ever knew the same thing could happen to your pets if they are exposed to the same video… Click here to see how much does this pooch cost.

Lola and Rocco
Rocco tries to protect Lola by blocking her view of the movie.

Lola and Rocco
Lola, hard-headed like her master, watches in defiance.

Lola and Rocco
Now any picture I take of them comes out blurry.

Lola and Rocco
Who knows how much time they have left!

Try the best vacuum for hardwood floors and pet hair now!

Being Naughty and Mean Girls

Sunday, May 2nd, 2004

Mean GirlsThis weekend I had a blast. Saturday I had planned to meet Roscoe at South Beach so that I can scout out some apartments and hang out at Lincoln Road. I figured we’d watch a movie somewhere in there also. My parents were supposed to come up to see the Air and Sea Show, but that never happened. They canceled because my grandparents were misbehaving! When I found this out I called Rafael to see if he wanted to come with me to South Beach. Of course he did, so we were soon under way.

I missed Lincoln Road so much! When you live in SoBe you are either a Lincoln Road person or an Ocean Drive person. I typically stay away from Ocean Drive because there are too many people, and it’s very touristy. I prefer people watching at Lincoln where the Cafe’s have a little bit more room and the vibe is more relaxed. So many stores opened since I was last there. I didn’t get a chance to go to Cafeteria, but Roscoe said the service and food were not that great. I believe they are open 24 hours though, so I’m sure I’ll check it out when I move there! I also checked out Rick’s NYC store. It’s like a souped up Eckerd for DragQueens. It was awesome! They had wigs, beauty products, and lots of gag novelty stuff. The second floor is all about naughty adult stuff and that was lots of fun.

We must have walked up and down Lincoln Road a couple of times because by the time I had my nag champa incense from the 9th Chakra and Roscoe got his 15 minute tarot reading, I was already hungry. We decided to try out Pasha’s. It’s on my old street where Lunatika used to be. It’s a mediterranean fast-food restaurant that apparently has a couple of stores in Miami. I loved it. I had some pizza thingie that has a funny name with aged cheese. It was yummy. Rafael had the Classical Yanni, which when he opened it, we though he farted; enough said. BTW: Be careful Yanni came back up several times to haunt Rafael and anyone within a one-mile radius of him! Not cute at all.

PashaIt was fucking hot so we decided to go to Roscoe’s place. He’s living with his sister who bought a condo by the Bay. The view was amazing. She had the cutest view of the bay and the cruise ships. I could stare at that view for days. The apartment was cute but it felt a bit tight. I did like the blue paint she used for the kitchen, and when I get my place I want that color for my room or bathroom, or both! I need to get the color from her. Don’t let me forget! After cooling down at Roscoe’s, we decided to watch Mean Girls. I’ve been meaning to watch this movie for a while now. Roscoe and Rafael thought it was a teeny-bopper movie, but it really wasn’t. It was hilarious. I love love Lindsay Lohan. I think she’s a great actress. The movie had me laughing so many times. It had a great ending too. It comes highly recommended from the three of us. We had a great time watching it. After the movie it was pouring so Rafael and I made a run for it to the car and Roscoe went home. We got soaked but had so much fun. I miss SoBe so much! The vibe was so nice. Can’t wait to go back, hopefully I’ll get something in my old hood two blocks from Lincoln. I have my fingers crossed!

Las Vegas/LA TripI’m happy to announce that Rafael has joined the caravan to go to Las Vegas. He just bought his ticket today and Rob and I are so excited. We are going to have so much fun. Since Rafael is coming the price drops for everyone staying at the hotel, and we get to Geek Out at the Star Trek Hotel in Las Vegas. Watch for the video renactment of the lost episodes of Star Trek when the HomoCrew takes the deck of the Enterprise! Rafael also came up with a great idea. Since LA is only three hours away, we are taking a day trip while in Las Vegas to LA. Rafael and Rob have never been so it’s going to be great. I’m already thinking of all the sites we are going to hit while we are there, and of course we’ll spend most of the time in West Hollywood! Hey Ho, Hey Ho, WeHo! I’m so pumped for this vacation it’s not even funny. I’m taking yet another loan against my 401k to pay for my vacation and pay my deposit for the apt. on the beach. Yeh! What’s the point of putting money away if you don’t use it right :)

Lastly I have to mention my new hobby, which isn’t so new but has gotten lots of “exposure” lately. Most people who know me know that I love to be an exhibitionist. My favorite thing to do is to have sex outdoors. Somewhere safe of course, I don’t like to be carried away by the police, it would make for a bad mug shot with leaves and shit on my face. Luckily for me there is this nice little park in New River Village that I love love to use. It’s quiet, dark, and very secluded. My three favorite things. I’ve had a couple of guys meet me out there for some x-rated fun. It’s great. It’s right by the river too which is very calming. Tonight I had the hotest guy there. We agreed to meet while we were talking on AOL. He actualled lived across the river. We was so fucking hot and had a huge dick. When it popped out of his Hidden Parkpants it almost slapped me across the face. Needless to say we had a great time. This may defiantely be my new addiction. After all what are parks good for afterdark if you don’t deal or use drugs? In honor of my new hobby here is my favorite Kelis Song, you know her from MilkShake, it’s called In Public, and she performs it with Nas her beau:

See its this thing (Kelis)

I like bein seen outside

In my ride (Your tasty)

I like it everywhere (cookies tasty)


(Ohh Yeah Let’s Go)

He was next to me

Our flight was supposed to leave around 2:53

All I wanted to see

Is what would he do if I drop down to my knees

I wanna play your game

Is someone comin’ it don’t matter just the same

Try something fun with me

Let’s take our clothes off all over the balcony

Let’s get it on in public

Just let it go I promise that you’ll love it

Oh daddy don’t you wanna be my subject?

Ooh let’s get it on in public Ooh

Don’t try to run from me

I’ll make your toes curl up and make your body scream

Come take a walk with me

We can do it over there by all the trees

Drive this car real fast

I’ll lay my head down and i’ll make your body blast ow

Let’s get it on in public

Just let it go I promise that you’ll love it

Oh daddy don’t you wanna be my subject?

Ooh let’s get it on in public Ooh

Let’s make a movie baby

Can we get away with it (Open your legs) (I’ll be your animal)

All lights on (I wanna see you)

I like it when we do it to this song

Let’s make a movie baby

Can we get away with it (I’ll be your director) (Your so nasty)

All lights on

I like it when we do it to this song (Talk To Me)


The pussy or the mouth, that is the question

Like shakespeare but my erection is the case here

I ain’t got time to drive you all the way home

But instead i can slide you to a club bathroom or a resturant mens’ room

Then I can zoom in your womb

We both get what we want

Then we can assume

We doin what we was

Smokin that bud and chillin’

But first I gotta nut before anything you willin?

You wit it, its animal behavior

Let’s shake, I forgot who the sexy beast ma who slays ya

This is for the major who love the natural love makin

Outdoors, On the hood of your car

Nas is good at it all when it comes to gettin it raw

Do I have to convince ya naw

We don’t need hotel key

We jump in the truck and stain everything up

Slide your G string up

Let’s get it on in public

Just let it go I promise that you’ll love it

Oh daddy don’t you wanna be my subject

Ooh let’s get it on in public Ooh

Let’s get it on in public

Just let it go I promise that you’ll love it

Oh daddy don’t you wanna be my subject

Ooh let’s get it on in public Ooh

                – In Public by Kelis feat. Nas

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