Withholding Evidence: Luis vs. Kelvis

SadnessIt took me a while to write this entry. In fact this incident happened many weeks ago. I debated whether to include it in my journal. I decided to post this entry because I don’t like holding back in my journal, and this incident affects my life greatly, since it deals with a close friend. Luis and I haven’t talked for a couple of months now and it all started with a falling out at Georgi’s Alibi…which already sounds very tragic doesn’t it?

Luis had asked Mrs. Broward and I to join him at Georgi’s Alibi. He had a date and wanted us to be around as a safeguard in case things got hairy. We got there and we thought the date was going fine. As soon as we approached and were introduced to the date, he left promptly. I think the combo of Mrs. Broward and I was too much for him to take :) Either case I am assuming that the date did not go so well. Luis was moody and not at a happy place. We sat at a table and I wanted to hear how everything went. My complete attention was on Luis. Mrs. Broward was distracted by the menu and what she was going to order.

I wanted to know all the details about the date, and Luis started to get bitchy with me, as he has done in the past. He tends to take it out on me when things aren’t going his way. I told him that I didn’t appreciate him snapping at me and he said something to the affect of, “stop being so sensitive”. At this point I was completly pissed and ready to go home. I waited till everyone finished their drinks and then I went home. They went off to get some coffee at JavaBoys.

I was so pissed because Luis had the nerve to tell me not to be so sensitive. This from a person who a majority of the time when he’s pissed I have to walk on egg shells because I don’t know what will piss him off. This from the person who always tells me not to blow up in his face because I hold up little incidents about things that bother him. Yet when I bring those small incidients up, he tells me to stop being so sensitive. Again, this is nothing new in Luis. It was something new in me. I was tired.

I didn’t want to take the bullshit anymore. This wasn’t the end of our friendship. All I wanted was a simple apology. Something that he did not supply, that night or the day after. He called the day after as if nothing had happened, which is such a bad pet peeve of mine. I hate avoiding issues by pretending that they never happened. I asked him if he was going to apologize for being a dick, to which he replied, “no, not at all”. That was the end of that phone call and coincidentally the end of our comunication and friendship.

It’s strange to me that with all that we’ve gone through in our friendship, something like this would last so long. But alas, reality is strange. I am optimistic about our friendship in the future but I’m done starting things up again. I’m ready to continue the dialogue of our friendship but want Luis to make this move. Until that time I’ll be missing his friendship. It’s strange not sharing my life with him.

On a lighter note, I have a new expensive hobby to add to my list, gay guesthousing. First my list of costly hobbies is:

  1. Gadgets! Gadgets! Gadgets! (I love buying them, using them, then getting the newer models)
  2. Moving Every Damn Year and not getting my Deposit Back (I hate this one!)
  3. Vacationing (Which I need to do more of.)
  4. Gay Guesthousing (Which is like vacationing but more expensive because of the gay tax.)

So it all started when we asked ourselves where do we buy a gold grill? We were really feeling in the mood for some bling bling teeth jewelry. and Island House at Key West. Next up is this June when I go with Rob to Las Vegas’ Blue Moon Ridge.Afterwards Island House at Key West. Next up is this June when I go with Rob to Las Vegas’ Blue Moon Ridge. After that I think I have my sights set on San Francisco’s Parker House. And then there is Palm Springs and the All Worlds Resort. I haven’t prepared myself mentally after that but I’m sure it will involve something international. For an international listing of gay guesthouses check out gayguesthouses.com it’s awesome! There’s also a nice gay guesthouse in Columbia and Argentina that I want to check out!

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