First Time at the Escorting Game

EscortIt’s official: I had my first escort. I was always curious about doing it, and people I have met told me it was an interesting experience. Being the curious person that I am I went ahead and did it. When I chose the guy I wanted someone who was down to earth and was very hot. I have a picture of him on my site, I hope I’m not compromising his integrity or anything. He has his pics posted all over his profile on AOL, which is where I met him.

I thought I was going to be more nervous than I actually was. But I handled it all like a pro. He was actually hotter and beefer in person. And surprisingly he was actually straight. Now usually you get the ghetto gays who pretend like they are soo straight, until they start having sex then you know they are not straight at all. This guy was different though. He had a straight porn set up and was using that to keep everything going smooth :) I have to admit that this turned me on more than anything else. It was fucking hot. I also knew he was straight because straight boys treat asses like they were vaginas, without going into details I’m glad I had my poppers with me to help me relax. Because he was ready to fuck like a bunny.

In the end it was a very hot experience and I didn’t feel dirty about it. I always wondered if I would. But I guess I’m comfortable enough with my skankiness to be cool with it. It was definately an experience that I’m glad that I went through, but I don’t think I would do it again, mostly because I’m cheap and that shit is not cheap to do at all! At all!! This all went down a couple of weeks ago, but I was hesitant to write about it on the blog. I decided to write about it because it’s something that I’m not ashamed about and I made a promise to myself to live my life openly, so I’m going through with that promise!

Speaking of escorts and hookers, Rob and will be going to Las Vegas in June! I can’t wait. We are going to have a blast. I love Las Vegas, but I’ve only gone with the parents so this will be a treat to do a while gay resort. Hopefully Rafael will be able to go with us, I know he’s dying to go, we’ll find out!!

SoBeAlso big news on the moving front. I am moving in July, but it’s not where you think. LA has been postphoned. I’m moving back to Miami. Speficially South beach. I miss it so much. I never thought I would say it but I miss Miami so hardcore! Fort Lauderdale is great but it’s not as exciting and beautiful as Miami Beach. I’ll have to give up secured parking and laundry in my apartment, but fuck it, I can’t wait to move! I think that now that all my anxiety has subsided that I will be once again ready to live back in SoBe. I’ll be looking for places in May so I’ll post some pics when I have a clue as to which places I have narrowed it down to.

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