It’s Been a While!

Madonna Reinvention TourSchool has me so out of it. It seems that I am having tons of trouble catching up. Last weekend I spent all of Saturday working on an assignment that was due at midnight. It was rough and I thought that I would get a bad grade, but it turns out that I got an A! I’ve gotten straight A’s so far but I’m scared about the papers that I have to write for these classes. They each require a 50-page and 100-page paper. It makes me want to give up on this Master’s thing!! But I keep going because I know I can make it, it’s just rough. The classes themselves are easy, it’s just the time that one has to put into it, while everyone is having fun on the weekends I am stuck at home studying! Yuck!

I barely even have time to write in my blog! Two things are keeping my excited: my Las Vegas trip in June and Madonna’s Reinvention Tour. Originally I was going to sell my two extra tickets to the highest bidder, that way I could recover my costs from Las Vegas :), but Roscoe gave me the sad pathetic talk about how he didn’t get tickets and so well I ended up giving them to him for the price that I paid for them. Of course the concert is in August so if he’s still interested and around then I’ll give it to him, otherwise ebay all the way! I bet I can make at least a thousand bucks selling them, they are floor seats two rows away from Madonna. Crazy I know!

Las VegasMy company made me so crazy about my relocation I just told them straight out that I was renewing here in Fort Lauderdale for another six months to let them get their shit together. I’m not sure if I’m ever moving to Los Angeles this decade, but at least I know I’m trying my best. As soon as they give me the pay raise and the relocation costs I’m West Coast, until then South Florida all the way!! I was going to stay at New River Village but the renewing lease is much more expensive so we might rent a house in Wilton Manors, which will make Lola very happy! We have to wait until June though because our lease is up in July.

I bought a gigantic desk for the pc that I built from pieces and it’s taking up most of the room. I moved it so many times making changes to the computer that I think I severely damaged the damn desk. If I move I don’t know how the hell I’m going to get the desk through my room door. I guess I’ll figure it out! I’m liable to buy the same desk at the new place and just move the other stuff, I’m that lazy! This time though I would definately put the desk on wheels. I bought the furniture sliders at Home Depot which work nicely except that the base of the desk was so tight that I couldn’t lift it to put those damn things, hence the ripping and tearing underneath the desk :)

Coming Back from Key West I was so excited that I already have my next vacation planned out. Rob and I are going to Las Vegas to the Blue Moon Resort. It’s the first resort in Las Vegas that is gay. It’s beautiful and raunchy just like Island House in Key West. We are going in the middle of June and it should be a blast. I love Vegas and the fact that we are staying at a gay resort should be great. I definately want to see Celine Dion and Cirque de Soleil’s O while I’m there. Hopefully I won’t spend all my savings there :) Check out the pictures of the resort on the webpage, they have an amazing looking pool. I’ll be sure to take pictures.

Diggy CamSpeaking of pictures, I’m debuting my new digital camera, which I haven’t bought yet but will in a couple of hours, at Las Vegas. I’ve been wanting this camera for a while. It’s thin which will fit into my pocket but powerful enough to have 5 MegaPixels. It’s so damn pretty too. Just when I clear up my Best Buy card, there is always something new to buy! I can’t wait to play with it. I was going to wait till this weekend to get it, but you know me, I’d rather drive to Pembroke Pines to get it than wait! Hello! If you want to see the specs on the camera check them out here. I have so many gadgets now that I don’t know what to do with them all!! With my laptop, gameboy advanced, iPod, and now my diggy cam I’m running out of plugs around the house.

Mario and I decided to do Steroids. We were tired of being nasty and fat. He has a friend who is hooking us up with the stuff but it’s fucking expensive as shit. I realize it’s illegal drugs, but damn there should be some regulations here. I’m a bit nervous because I’m a chicken shit, especially when it deals with needles but I want to see what kind of effect it has on my body. I’ve never been the addictive type so I know I can do one cycle and stop, especially at the price that we are getting it, believe me I’ll only be doing one cycle. The guy is coming today to talk about what we need and then he’s going to make the order.

Steroids!I’ll let you guys know the real scoop on if it works, if there are nasty side effects or what not. I know you shouldn’t drink while you are on a cycle because the steroids does a number on the liver, which is fine with me because I barely drink now, only when I”m on vacation or going out to bars which is rarely lately. Once I’ll take before and after pics and let you guys be the judge if there was a difference or not. Yeh! I love being a science guinea pig.

Well this was a long entry for me. I have to wrap up work and head to Best Buy!!! Until next time.

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