Key West Boyfriends

Was Derek in the sex room?Without a doubt, if anyone knows me, they know how much I love love love Key West. There is no place like it that I’ve been too. This trip was no exception. I had soo much fun I’m still recovering. The first two days my friend Doug stayed with me. We spent most of the time checking out the facilities that Island House had to offer, especially that crazy sex room, I mean the Exotic Video Room, and yes I was corrected by a guest when I called it the sex room.

Later on during the week Mario came to share my room, and the drama drama Ms. RafLO showed up with Tommy. They were supposed to be in LA but things change and the parties continue! We had a great great time except for some minor drama with RafLO, but it was all washed out during the Aqua Drag Show. I’d like to give my thanks to Ms. Guggi Gomez for making me laugh so hard I almost pissed myself at the bar. Guggi did Erotica by Madonna and it involved a lot of audience participation.

Unfortinately for Rafael he was a victim. Guggi pushed Rafael down and laid him flat on the bar stool. You really had to be there to see it. Rafael was fighting it with all his might and almost spilt all our drinks, that would not have been so funny. When Rafael came back from the floor, he was sweating with drag queen anxiety. It was hilarious. The rest of the night whenever Ms. Guggi Gomez would come out, Rafael would get behind Tommy because, “he wanted to be near his honey”. Yeah right, that bitch was scared shitless of Guggi. Good times!

Now for the good news. Mario and I scored with Key West boyfriends. Mario’s I must say is a native of Key West, which can be shady. But he was very very cute. They were hitting it nasty style in the bedroom so I was locked out for a couple of hours. Michael was locked out of his room because my Key West boyfriend was cheating on me, so we hung out together. When I got back in the room, I got high from all the poppers that were left open. It was crazy fun. Or as RafLO would say, “Wicked Fun”.

Now about the Boston Boys. These guys were great! They really made my vacation. They were all very cute, young, and lots of fun to be around. They were all bartenders I think from the Boston area. Derek, Michael, and Brett are all bartenders at Buzz. The site goes up and down so hopefully you’ll catch it when it’s up. Although all the boys were hotties, my heart was set on Derek. He was adorable! Blonde, beefy, and with a bostonian accent. And on top of that very flirty. We never did hook up, he loves those skinny twig bitches, but we were boyfriends nonetheless :)

Michael by far had the friendlies and most outgoing personality, although Derek does too when he’s drunk, but that’s another story left for the exotic video room, spicy! When Michael and I were both locked out we chilled for a while and got to know each other. It’s funny because when I first met them I was under the impression that they were all younger than me. But the funny thing is that I’m younger than they are. Anyways they made me feel like I was in college again and we’ll definately be hanging out with them again! Mario and I are already planning our New England trip.

Was Derek in the sex room?

They were driving us around all over duval and Island House drunk on their scooters. We chilled at their little apartment outside of the Island House. I thought they were very funny. Especially Scottie. I think he’s done too much pot in his life because he has that hippie perma smile that never comes off, and he ends everything in “love”. As an example his favorite place was the “Exotic Video Room…..of Love”.

I definately recommend anyone to check out the Island House if they ever go to Key West. During that one week, I had a three some with two cute french boys from Paris, I met the adorable boys from Boston, had great conversation with the couple from Rhode Island, they were adorable by the way, and met many people whom of which I might recognize by face, but by other ummm body parts! Fun Fun Fun!

While I was at Key West the tickets for the Madonna tour were on sale. I woke up so fucking late on Saturday because of the partying that the shows were sold out. I was so damn pissed! Luckily she added two other shows and I was part of the American Airlines Arena mailing list, so I was able to get really really good seats. Mario and I should be able to smell her sweat with the seats that we got. They are better than the seats that Luis and I had for Britney!

I’m not even going to mention the whole moving to LA thing because now it’s getting ridicuilous. It turns out that while I was at vacation my boss was leaving the company, which meant that I would be moving to LA like in two days. He since decided to stay, which I am glad because I liked working with him, and so now they still need more meetings to get me over there. When I came back from Key West I fell in love again with South Florida, vowing never to leave. But whatever, I’ll just let the wind guide me to my destination.


I am thinking though of getting a time-share in Key West. I love to go there and go about six times a year it will probably be worth it. However it’s strange to get a time-share without buying a house first. So I might buy a house and then in a year get a time-share. That would be great. Financially everything is coming together for me now, so I’ll soon have enough to jump on that house that I always wanted. Of course if I move to LA those plans will definately change because a house in Fort Lauderdale buys you half of a trailer in Los Angeles.

I just started up school so my blogging will be cut down severely. I’ll try my best to write in often, but not that much happens when you are studying all day :)

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