Destination: Key West

Well folks I landed on the island. And not a moment too soon either. I was falling asleep on the airplane. The flight was like 45 minutes. I am so addicted to flying to Key West now. No more driving for four hours. It’s sooo not worth it. The room I’m in is a little tight, but very cute. I’m very happy with it. Right now I’m drinking my mango daiqari while writing this entry. The pool is full of hotties. I already have my eye on the hottest boy with like an 8.5 inch dick. And it’s not even hard. I’ll bring my webcam out a little later to take some stealth photography!

Today I plan on relaxing exploring the resort :), and just vegging out. I don’t plan on leaving at all. Tomorrow I’ll have a friend over until Wednesday so I’ll save the exploring till then. This is a very short entry since nothing has happened yet. Once things get going I’ll be updating the site! Watch out Key West, here I come.

Let me just end by saying that I didn’t have sex for like two weeks to keep up my energy. So you know I’m commited to having fun!!!

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