Getting Fucked Raw: IRS Style

Bling! Bling!Well I did my taxes this year, and I was very excited that I was going to get a return for $3610.00. Fuck that, I was more than excited, I had already divied up where I was going to use this money. A friend of mine had told me that the IRS wasn’t going to take the money from me. The reason I thought they were going to was because I have a balance that I’ve been paying off for the 2002 tax year.

I thought my friend knew what he was talking about, but I called the IRS today and they told me that they take the complete refund, and I still have about $1000.00 bucks after that to pay them. This so upset my whole day. Not to mention now I have to find creative ways to pay my rent before my next paycheck. I should have seen it coming. I was going to use the money to pay off all my credit card debt and then use the remainder at Key West.

So as it stands I’ll still be in debt, I’m still going to Key West, but it will be more of a frugal trip than I had imagined. No longer will I fantasize about throwing cash out of the balcony overlooking Duval Street. Now it will be more like passing up on the dolphin experience. Very cool experience, but way too overpriced for a bunch of swimming mammals.

Lexapro be Gone!Of course of all weeks to ween myself off anti-axiety medication I chose this week. No longer am I taking lexapro. So please watch out, if you know me in real like and I act fucking nuts, then it’s probably due to withdrawl. The minute I stopped taking the medication my work started to get hectic. I seriously think something in the water is making all my coworkers nuts. They used to be calm and west-coast like, now they are acting like a crack-whore who’s looking for her next fix. Every single little project is AN EMERGENCY, and they needed it YESTERDAY. So over them!

My boss still wonders why I want to move out to LA to work with these freaks. But it beats working from home. The only drama there is watching what Lola and Rocco can tear up and count how many times I can masturbate and still be productive in a day. By all time best is six. After that I get really sleepy and it all goes downhill from there.

I’m off to the gym to work off some of the nervous energy that I have. I’m still waiting for all that pent up libido which lexapro was hiding from me to hit me hard, literally. If I align it right it will hit me the hardest when I’m at Key West! That way I’ll have some very interesting tales to spin.

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