Steven Sandvoss: My New Boyfriend

Latter DaysLast night I checked out the new movie Latter Days. The movie was about a young mormon who moves to Los Angeles to complete his mission and in the process falls in love with the WeHo slut across the apartment complex. I thought this movie had so much potential. The story was perfect, the acting was actually very good for a gay movie, but I think the script needed some cleaning up.

The movie seemed to move to fast, the characters fell in love too fast. I think the 24 hour relationship syndrome is spreading! There were parts of the movie that I felt I wanted to cry but I didn’t because the depth of the characters weren’t there for me. Having said all that, I’d watch the movie again and again because of my new boyfriend: Steven Sandvoss.

Steven SandvossSteven wherever you are in Los Angeles, I love you. He was adorable. He has the sweetest face that I have seen in a very long time. The mormon role was perfect for him. He played a very awkward character who is just coming out. It was adorable. Of course the scenes where he is naked are fucking hot!!! I’ve decided to make it my mission that when I move out to Los Angeles I’m going to stalk Steven until he becomes my boyfriend! A boy has to have goals right?

Speaking of Los Angeles. Yes I’ve been quite quiet about it for a while. My company is getting closer and closer to finally offering me what I want to move out there. This is strange since I spent the past weekend looking for houses with David the Realtor. Even though all my friends want me to stay here, and my family would be heart-broken, I think if I do get offered the relocation offer I am going to take it. It has always been my dream to move to California, and my philosphy in life is to have no regrets.

Steven Sandvoss

I don’t want to wake up one day when I’m older and wonder what it would have been like to live in California. After all if I don’t like it I can get a plane ticket back and start all over again! Whatever happens it will be soon. My lease runs out in 5 months and I’ll either be getting a house or moving across the country. If I do move to California I’ll be living in West Hollywood. I seem to have a knack for moving into areas with catchy names. There’s South Beach (SoBe) and West Hollywood (WeHo). WeHo just sounds perfect!

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