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Destination: Key West

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2004

Well folks I landed on the island. And not a moment too soon either. I was falling asleep on the airplane. The flight was like 45 minutes. I am so addicted to flying to Key West now. No more driving for four hours. It’s sooo not worth it. The room I’m in is a little tight, but very cute. I’m very happy with it. Right now I’m drinking my mango daiqari while writing this entry. The pool is full of hotties. I already have my eye on the hottest boy with like an 8.5 inch dick. And it’s not even hard. I’ll bring my webcam out a little later to take some stealth photography!

Today I plan on relaxing exploring the resort :), and just vegging out. I don’t plan on leaving at all. Tomorrow I’ll have a friend over until Wednesday so I’ll save the exploring till then. This is a very short entry since nothing has happened yet. Once things get going I’ll be updating the site! Watch out Key West, here I come.

Let me just end by saying that I didn’t have sex for like two weeks to keep up my energy. So you know I’m commited to having fun!!!

24 Hour Party People

Tuesday, March 16th, 2004

PrideFestThis weekend was out of control! I think I had a total of five hours sleep between Friday night and Sunday night. I had made plans for Rafael’s birthday which was on Sunday to go on a gay day cruise. It sounded like tons of fun. Gambiling, gay men, drinking, what could be better? Of course the day before I called to make the reservations the trip was canceled due to technical difficulties. Rafael pissed someone off during his past life because no one luck like that, no one!

So instead of the cruise we decided to do a day trip to Key West. Rafael thought it would be nice to show Tommy the island, have some drinks, a nice lunch, and then head over to the Island House for the rest of the day. Keep in mind that mention that Rafael wanted to go to the Island House. It becomes important later on. But I get ahead of myself, before I talk about Sunday I have to talk about PrideFest.

Pridefest was so much fun! Rafael came over to my place and we headed over there. They were having it really close to my apartment complex in a big park next to US1. I thought it was going to be a small festival with a few booths. When we pulled up to the parking, I was pleasantly surprised! It wasn’t as big as Pride March in the summer, but there were a lot of people. There was an inside area with a stage and booths and then the surrounding outside area had booths, and party 93.1 setup a dance floor outside. Right next to them Hamburger Mary’s set up a bar. So Rafael and I headed over there and started drinking our Piña Colada’s. There were so many booths and so many free things to grab, in the technology industry we call all that free stuff swag. I had rainbow pencils, blowing bubble solution, free lube, condoms, pride stickers, you name it.

Out of all the booths I fell in love with the pet one. They had an adorable beagle and a bull dog. I swear had I not been on a budget, I would have bought the bulldog on spot, called her Matilda, and taken her to her new home with Lola, Rocco, Mario and I. I guess it wasn’t my time. Although Mario says he has a friend who has a beagle puppy he needs to give away. That scares me because I’m a big sucker for beagle puppies! The last one I had to give away because it was during my mental break down at the beach. I think I’m ready for a new puppy.

But I digress….So we went through all the booths and we checked out the boys. Lots and lots of hot guys everywhere. While we were there we checked out Pepper LaShay perform Dive in the Pool. For those of you that don’t know it’s basically the theme song for Queer as Folk. Barry Davis wrote the track and Pepper did the vocals. She was amazing. She has a new cover song “Signed, Sealed, and Delivered” which Chi Chi LaRue did the video for. Check it out! We also checked out the Miss Florida Drag Queen Pagaent.

We checked out the booths again spotting the cuties and then called it a day. We were there for about four hours and had tons of fun. Rafael wanted to buy a man skirt (utility kilt) but they were expensive as shit so he decided not to. Instead he bought some necklace (Rafael always has to buy accessories, it’s an obssesion) and we left.

Now we come to Sunday. I woke up at the crack of dawn to drop off Lola at the parents and pick up Rafael and Tommy. I was at their place by 9:00am and we were in Key West by 11:30am. Tommy had a great time and it did remind him of New Orleans a lot. We were having a great time until we sat down at lunch. Since after lunch we were going to go to Island House, Rafael started to get freaky. His deal, for those of who you don’t know is to keep the cuban male chovanist spirit alive and well in the gay community. Rafael is all about going to all the clubs with me on the weekend, going to all the bathhouses, but at the point that Tommy tags along he doesn’t want Tommy to do anything, to talk to anyone, or to look at anyone. It’s very annoying.

Tommy and I gave him the usual speech about getting over himself and letting Tommy breathe, but of course it was useless. Happy Birthday Rafael! We arrived at the Island House and that’s when the drama began. At the Island House I called Rafael the sexual Pirahna. Like the Pirahna Rafael swarmed around his prey, Tommy, and completly devoured him. We were at the pool and Rafael was all over Tommy tack style. Party people it was tacky sad. We got some drinks and wouldn’t you know it, Tommy knew one of the staff. Here is where I have to pause and talk about Rafael’s super hero identity.

Mr. NegativityYou see Rafael’s disguise is that of a cuban, possessive, gay male. Just like the Hulk uses anger as a catalyst to transform, Rafael uses blind jealously to transfor into: Mr. Negativity. Mr. Negativity’s special power is the ability to turn a pleasant going out experience into the worse time that you’ve had in your entire life. He is able to turn a very happy and patient person, into a lunatic who is ready to jump off the second floor balcony. That lunatic ladies and gentlemen is me. I had to pull Rafael into the pool because he was giving Tommy’s friend from Elementary school dirty looks the whole time. It was hardcore!

So while Raf and I were at the pool, and Mr. Negativity was telling me what a victim he was for bringing Tommy to the Island House, I was busy plotting the assasination of Mr. Negativity. You see Mr. Negativity’s kryptonite is highly potent psychotropic drugs. Unfortuntaley for me I did not have any Xanex to feed him. So the day, like the weather was miserable, overcast, with drizzling rain that washed away the sunshine.

I did manage to play with one guy in the steam room who was very hot! He was visiting from Chicago. Those boys up there sure know how to have a good time. As usual I had to leave the steam room half way through our fun because I was really really close to passing out in that heat. That and Tommy was severly drunk at this time and he was coming in every five seconds to the steamroom to find me. Little did he know I was on my knees facing the wall :). After countless arguements which I won’t bore you with, we decided to leave the Island House and have some dinner. The wait at Blue Heaven in the Bahama Village was too long so we settled on a nice mexican place on Duval. The food was excellent. After I bought some souvenirs for my parents we grabbed some coffee and headed home. I have no idea how I made it home to Fort Lauderdale with so little sleep, but I was damn glad to see my bed again!!!

Completly off the subject as usual, I have a new favorite artist. I bought Nelly Furtado’s new album a couple of days ago and it’s awesome. I’ve always liked her style as an artist and her music isn’t the usual Britney Spears stuff, which don’t get me wrong I love, but sometimes you need coffee with your sugar. My favorite song on her album is Fresh Off the Boat. I love Furtado because her message is one about embracing different cultures and being proud of what makes us different. She was born and raised in Canada but her heritage is Portugese. Check out her new cd if you have a chance. Especially if you liked the new single, Powerless. Her website is pretty hot too.

Nelly FurtadoSpeaking of immigrant art. Mario and I rented Mambo Italiana the other day. It was soo cute. I thought it was going to be another bad gay movie, but I was pleasantly surprised. This is no Amelie by any stretch of the imagination but it’s a very funny story about growing up gay in North America with parents from a different culture. I even cried a couple of times, which is rare for me to do, since most movies have been so lifeless and fake lately. Definately check this one out.

There and Back Again: A Porn Indurstry Tale

Tuesday, March 9th, 2004

Gay Porn I have a new consulting gig. When I created with Luis I always knew one day I’d go back to the porn industry. I really enjoyed working on all aspects of the business. It looks like my prayers have been answered because the consulting work I am doing is for a company called Aaron Kline Studios. Aaron, who’s a very cool guy, owns this studio that does non-adult and adult photography and movies. His studio is near my house so it’s perfect!

He’s working on a website right now called Universal The site has escorts, erotic massage, and prints available from some very hot guys. In the future he plans to beef up the site and add video, webcam, and other technologies. That’s where I come in. I will be helping code the site, get everything organized and running smoothly.

I already spent last friday over there. I had so much fun. We set up a wireless network for them, and I did some minor html work. Mostly I got to know the guys. With this consulting job I’m sure to meet lots of people in the porn industry. Which is always a fun thing! And since I am an incredible hornball this will be a perfect situation for me.

Gay Porn Speaking of work, my company finally had a meeting about my move to California and it was approved. They will be sending me the schedule of events shortly so that I can prepare for the move. They agreed to all my terms which is sweet! They are increasing my salary, they are paying all my relocation expenses, and they will allow me to work out of Miami every two months for two weeks so that I can visit with my family and friends.

So it does look like I’m moving to California after all. I really thought that I was going to end up staying here. The thrill of moving is keeping me going. I can’t wait to explore the west coast. I am dying to go to Palm Srings, San Diego, and Mexico. Just the fact that San Francisco is only five hours away is amazing. While there is so much to look forward to, I do wish some of my friends would come with me. I know Rob might eventually move out there. And if Mario had a stable job there I bet he would try it out. We’ll see how it rolls out. It would really suck to live on my own again. I might try to find a roommate online! heheh That’s a scary one. But you never know. I’m always willing to try.

Gay PornI totally absorbed now by the Stargate SG1 Series. Netflix has made me into a mini-series whore. It all started with 24: the Series. Now it’s Stargate! I love this series. It’s a bit cheezy at times but I think it’s a premise a whole lot cooler than Star Trek. What’s cooler than parasitic aliens taking over human hosts and acting as Egyptian Gods? Hello. It rocks.

There are a whole bunch of things I want to check out before I leave for the West Coast. Fort Lauderdale is becoming the next South Beach. Sunday Tea Parties are springing up everywhere and I want to check out the one at Voodoo Lounge next weekend, and damnit I live like two blocks away from the damn thing! I also want to check out the gay day cruise. Nothing like being out at sea, with gay men, drink, gambling, and small rooms. Fun! Fun! Fun! Mario can’t make it because he’s working this weekend, but I’m going to try to convince RafLo to go with me. He’s always up for that shit.

Getting Fucked Raw: IRS Style

Thursday, March 4th, 2004

Bling! Bling!Well I did my taxes this year, and I was very excited that I was going to get a return for $3610.00. Fuck that, I was more than excited, I had already divied up where I was going to use this money. A friend of mine had told me that the IRS wasn’t going to take the money from me. The reason I thought they were going to was because I have a balance that I’ve been paying off for the 2002 tax year.

I thought my friend knew what he was talking about, but I called the IRS today and they told me that they take the complete refund, and I still have about $1000.00 bucks after that to pay them. This so upset my whole day. Not to mention now I have to find creative ways to pay my rent before my next paycheck. I should have seen it coming. I was going to use the money to pay off all my credit card debt and then use the remainder at Key West.

So as it stands I’ll still be in debt, I’m still going to Key West, but it will be more of a frugal trip than I had imagined. No longer will I fantasize about throwing cash out of the balcony overlooking Duval Street. Now it will be more like passing up on the dolphin experience. Very cool experience, but way too overpriced for a bunch of swimming mammals.

Lexapro be Gone!Of course of all weeks to ween myself off anti-axiety medication I chose this week. No longer am I taking lexapro. So please watch out, if you know me in real like and I act fucking nuts, then it’s probably due to withdrawl. The minute I stopped taking the medication my work started to get hectic. I seriously think something in the water is making all my coworkers nuts. They used to be calm and west-coast like, now they are acting like a crack-whore who’s looking for her next fix. Every single little project is AN EMERGENCY, and they needed it YESTERDAY. So over them!

My boss still wonders why I want to move out to LA to work with these freaks. But it beats working from home. The only drama there is watching what Lola and Rocco can tear up and count how many times I can masturbate and still be productive in a day. By all time best is six. After that I get really sleepy and it all goes downhill from there.

I’m off to the gym to work off some of the nervous energy that I have. I’m still waiting for all that pent up libido which lexapro was hiding from me to hit me hard, literally. If I align it right it will hit me the hardest when I’m at Key West! That way I’ll have some very interesting tales to spin.

Steven Sandvoss: My New Boyfriend

Tuesday, March 2nd, 2004

Latter DaysLast night I checked out the new movie Latter Days. The movie was about a young mormon who moves to Los Angeles to complete his mission and in the process falls in love with the WeHo slut across the apartment complex. I thought this movie had so much potential. The story was perfect, the acting was actually very good for a gay movie, but I think the script needed some cleaning up.

The movie seemed to move to fast, the characters fell in love too fast. I think the 24 hour relationship syndrome is spreading! There were parts of the movie that I felt I wanted to cry but I didn’t because the depth of the characters weren’t there for me. Having said all that, I’d watch the movie again and again because of my new boyfriend: Steven Sandvoss.

Steven SandvossSteven wherever you are in Los Angeles, I love you. He was adorable. He has the sweetest face that I have seen in a very long time. The mormon role was perfect for him. He played a very awkward character who is just coming out. It was adorable. Of course the scenes where he is naked are fucking hot!!! I’ve decided to make it my mission that when I move out to Los Angeles I’m going to stalk Steven until he becomes my boyfriend! A boy has to have goals right?

Speaking of Los Angeles. Yes I’ve been quite quiet about it for a while. My company is getting closer and closer to finally offering me what I want to move out there. This is strange since I spent the past weekend looking for houses with David the Realtor. Even though all my friends want me to stay here, and my family would be heart-broken, I think if I do get offered the relocation offer I am going to take it. It has always been my dream to move to California, and my philosphy in life is to have no regrets.

Steven Sandvoss

I don’t want to wake up one day when I’m older and wonder what it would have been like to live in California. After all if I don’t like it I can get a plane ticket back and start all over again! Whatever happens it will be soon. My lease runs out in 5 months and I’ll either be getting a house or moving across the country. If I do move to California I’ll be living in West Hollywood. I seem to have a knack for moving into areas with catchy names. There’s South Beach (SoBe) and West Hollywood (WeHo). WeHo just sounds perfect!

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