I realized that when I updated the Story of Me Section of my website, that I neglected to include my experience creating and running an adult amateur website. It was such a profound experience, that I could not believe that I had overlooked it. About two years ago Luis and I started up a business called Ruby Red Slipper, LLC. The name came about because when I came back from my second trip to San Francisco I brought Luis a ruby red slipper.


At that time Luis was working at iBill. IBill processes a large portion of the paid adult websites out there. Working there only for a short time Luis realized how easy it was to set things up. I designed the html layout of our site and Luis did his magic with the graphics. We put our resources together and purchased an inexpensive but good digital camcorder. We used my digital camera to take the pictures.


We looked for models on AOL and Gay.com mostly. It is amazing to me that we never actually spent any money on advertising. Just looking for models in the way we did, generated many leads! The ones that we liked we offered an interview with. At first we held the interviews at Starbucks on Lincoln Road, but towards the end I was having the interviews at my apartment in SoBe. Those interviews got pretty heavy :)


We would usually film at the Catalina Hotel in SoBe along Collins Avenue. It was such an amazing experience. I directed the action, which was always solo jerking off vids. I snapped directions and pictures with my digital camera, as Luis recorded the action with his camcorder. We made a great team and we had tons of fun doing it. I still remember our first model Dallas. After we finished filming him we had such an incredible high. I have never been able to recreate that high in my life, I hope to do so one day.


We filmed about eight models over the course of a year. We received a few subscriptions, but not enough to quit both of our day jobs. I think we lacked the experience and knowledge of marketing to really make it. I think our content was quite good for an amateur site. We decided to call it quits, but the experience will forever be in my thoughts. I learned so much from that experience, and it has helped me in every facet of life. I hope to one day start another site, but this time I would like professional help with the marketing.


In memory of our site, peepingcock.com, I placed the entire site on my website. You can check it out by following this link: peepingcock.com. The whole site is pretty much intact except for a couple of scripts here and there and the movie clips. They were way too large to have on this site. Let me know what you think of the guys that we took pictures of.

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