Party Monster

Party MonsterMario rented Party Monster and I decided to check it out. I’ve been wanting to see it since it was out in the theatres but I never got around to it, mostly because I was too lazy. I have to admit that when I first started seeing it I didn’t like it at all. Macaulay Culkin and Seth Green looked odd playing flamboyantly gay characters. Although the characters do grow on you. Especially that annoying signature laugh that Culkin has.

The movie had some wild parties and outfits. It was definately very interesting. My favorite was Marilyn Manson as Christina. He was great! It was so strange to see such an obscure movie have such an amazing cast. I knew I would eventually like the movie since anything with Chloe Sevigny is amazing. I’ve liked her since she did Kids. When I first saw that movie I thought it was a real documentary because the stars of the movie looked like kids. But Chloe was actually an adult in that movie. After watching Party Monster I had an urge to watch Kids again. I’ll have to put it on my que on netflix.

KidsThis weekend was fun. Rafael, Mario, and I met Racso at Twist in South Beach. When we got there I didn’t have my usual longings to move back. I think I am definately adjusting to Fort Lauderdale. It was a nightmare trying to find parking. Once we did find parking we had a nice time. I saw a very hot stripper that the MC called 15-incher. And he wasn’t a let down. He had a towel on and I had to tip him. Once I did he let me cop a feel and take a look. It was very big! We also made a new lesbian friend, her name is Angel and she lives somewhere in Fort Lauderdale. Mario hit it off with her right away. I was concentrating more on 15-incher.

After Twist we were supposed to head to the Miami Bathhouse but Mario didn’t want to go. He claimed he was tired. Once we dropped off Racso Mario agreed to go to the bathhouse in Oakland. I think Mario didn’t want to be naked around Racso. But of course he won’t admit that. We hit the batthouse around 3:00am but it was still pretty full. I was damn exhausted at this point. We didn’t stay too long. I had been driving my mom all morning from Hialeah to Fort Lauderdale and back again since I had taken her to the spa. So I was up since 8:00AM. Which is amazing for me!!

Sunday we were supposed to go to the beach but we never found parking. So much for that! We ended up eating at Georgi’s, which by the way had amazing ribs, I was pleasntly surprised. Then we had some coffee at java boys and Rafael was off back to Kendall to break up with Tommy. Which of course we knew would not really happen. And it didn’t. He made up and had sex. Next week he’ll try to break up again, go back home, and have sex again. The cycle always continues! But it wouldn’t be Rafael if he did it any other way.

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