Bathhouse Madness and the End of WWIII

Bath HouseWell I’ve gone totally nuts with this bathhouse thing. I blame lexapro. It has me on a complete sexual libido high! I’m not a drinking man, I don’t do drugs, but my addiction lies in sex. Even more so when my anti-depressant kicks in and makes me so horny I can bounce off walls. Needless to say I’ve been hitting the Oakland Bathhouse like it was going out of style. Interestingly enough I always have fun everytime I go. I either have really hot hookups, or make friends!! So far I’ve made four friends.

The latest friend is Bradley. Very hot guy. Cute body. I call him Mr. Party. He was looking to party with whatever was available at the time! He grew on me because he was very cute and a funny guy. It turned out that we both went ot UF undergrad, we both graduated at the same time, and we are both in our Master’s degree at Nova. Small world! We didn’t end up hooking up, I found my carnal pleasures elsewhere! And it was hot.

I did go to the bathhouse on Broward Monday when I took the day off. It was pretty full but that bathhouse doesn’t even seem like a bathhouse. It seems more like a resort. Sex only happens in the steam room for the most part, and sometimes it’s very hot in there, literally! So my vote definately goes to the Oakland bathouse, skank and all.

FriendsMario and I finally made up. The war is over. I decided that I had been holding a grudge for too long. The living situation was becoming increasingly tense. I instant messaged him asking him if he was interested in continuing our friendship. He was and we agreed to start over. Time does heal all wounds, and I hope that our friendship can return to the way it was before. I’m hoping for the best.

I should definately get some sleep now. But before I do, I have to share with you guys, that I had to drop a class!! Heheh all that sex and horniess at the bathhouse did not let me concentrate on my classes. I decided to drop one class, and to my surpise I actually get a 25% refund!! Whew!! I want to blow it on Key West. Would love to spend a week at the Island House in March. I’m trying to convince one of my friends to go, but I’m willing to go alone if I can’t find anyone from

Well I’m off to catch some zzzz’s. Until the next post.

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