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Sex and the City Tribute: 24 Hour Relationships

Sunday, February 29th, 2004

Sex and the CityThis is the third time that I try to publish this blog. The past two times my information was deleted. So this will be the fast and dirty version. In honor of Sex and the City ending, I am dedicating this entry to Carrie’s writing style. The ending of the series was very disappointing to me. It seemed very rushed and everyone ended up with someone. I thought the whole point of the series was single ladies doing it on their own? I believe in happy endings just not everyone being happy. For such a believable series, the ending was very hard to swallow. Hopefully they’ll revisit the girls again in the future. Here now is my Sex and the City blog…

My roommate may not have invented the 24 hour relationship, but he has definately perfected it. It all started back when we all lived on the beach. South Beach is a very strange island to live in. The first hint of experimentation towards a 24 relationship was when Lucca was dating the Doctor man. They were dating for a couple of months (and when I say months I mean it in the loosest form possible) when they decided to start looking for apartments. Everything was going great, they were in love, they were looking for a place, and the Doctor man had introduced Lucca to the mom. Lucca had an all access pass to his life until the Doctor man stopped. He stopped calling, he stopped hanging out, he stopped being in love. While most readers may think this behavior is strange, I assure you that this is very common for Miami Beach. In fact we have a term for it: sobechera. When you place gay men in such a small island with other hot men, something has got to give. That something is meaningful relationships. Boys who were in love one minute find themselves tricking for sex at Flamingo Park. Others neglect calling to end a relationship but they can still be seen at the same bars that you met them, and they never loose a beat.

Sex and the City

The seeds of the 24 hour relationship germinated in Miami Beach and blossomed in Fort Lauderdale. Mr 24 who we’ll call Fink orginated as a hookup. A hookup and a 24 hour relationship differ ever so slightly. There is definately more chemistry in the latter. Mr Fink came over and Lucca and him had their fun. Apparently there was a spark because Mr Fink called the next day. A hookup would never under any cirmcumstance do that. He might send you an instant message, but that’s about it. Mr Fink had to travel to faraway Bulgaria for work. From there he must have called Lucca about half a dozen times. I can’t even imagine the cost of those phone calls, it would probably be more than if I called every relative that I had in Cuba and talked to them for about 10 minutes. But I digress. The phone conversations is the phase of the relationship that I like to call: getting to know you. This can take years in a normal relationship, but in the 24 hour everything is revealed as fast as possible.

As soon as Mr. Fink came back from the trip he was over our apartment. This is typical of a 24 hour relationship because it always tends to peak too soon. Lucca was already annoyed because he was very early. They decided to get some food and watch a movie. By the time they had returned from getting food I was convinced that Fink was deeply in love. They had a couple of small fights, but everything was working out fine. Instead of watching Passion of the Christ they decided to procreate a couple of sins of their owns. By the time that Lucca woke up the next morning he was already over Fink. Fink was a morning person, and annoying at that, and Lucca just wasn’t having it. At this point a regular relationship has a marriage counselor, a 24 hour relationship has sex as the mediator. But not even the power of sex can cure everything.

By the time that Lucca was at work the relationship was over. Lucca had broken up in his mind. Fink was more in love than ever. He was already envisioning their life together, and in the back of his mind was making arrangements for the ring ceremony. Lucca broke up over IM and Fink was heartbroken. He tried getting back together but it was useless, the 24 hours had expired, there was no chance. And so the perfect 24 hour relationship was born: part romance, part sex, part companionship, all efficient.

Sex and the City

This led me to wonder, has our society become so fast-paced that we need 24 hour relationships to match our fastfood 24 hour culture?

Just when I thought this was the trend we were heading in, I remembered across town in a very far off place called Kendall, RafLo was busy perfecting the Never Ending Relationship. While at first it sounds sweet, it drips with sarcasm.

I equate the Never Ending Relationship with the Never Ending Story. The first movie was great, sweet and you wanted more. By the time the second and third movie came out, you wondered why they spent so much time and effort? Could they possibly make another film? But why? Yet they did. This is how the Never Ending Relationship rolls out: Raylo comes over every weekend. And then like clockwork the following happens:

  1. The ball and chain pisses RayLo off by going out on his own.
  2. RayLo swears he will break up with him and get his own place with a hypoallergenic dog breed.
  3. He spends the weekend with us living out his single fantasies
  4. Sunday he comes down, gets down, and goes home to have “the talk”.
  5. The talk turns into I’m sorry.
  6. RayLo and the ball and chain have I’m sorry sex.

Sex and the CityThis cycle repeats weekend after weekend, which gives Lucca and I dizzy spells. But you have to love it. RafLo does convince himself everytime that he will do it. But like I say, how many sequels can you make that makes The Never Ending Story interesting? You already know the white fluffly drago can fly and is super friendly. Yet RafLo keeps it going.

While these two sides of the extreme are definately at play, I decide to stay out. There was a time when I longed for a relationship but the truth of the matter is that I am very happy at where I am at right now. I’m successful professionally, my social life is blossoming, and my self-confidence is rising. I’ll play it out until the 24 hour relationship and the Never Ending Relationship cancel each other out. Till then I’ll be single and ready to mingle…..

Wednesday, February 25th, 2004

I realized that when I updated the Story of Me Section of my website, that I neglected to include my experience creating and running an adult amateur website. It was such a profound experience, that I could not believe that I had overlooked it. About two years ago Luis and I started up a business called Ruby Red Slipper, LLC. The name came about because when I came back from my second trip to San Francisco I brought Luis a ruby red slipper.

At that time Luis was working at iBill. IBill processes a large portion of the paid adult websites out there. Working there only for a short time Luis realized how easy it was to set things up. I designed the html layout of our site and Luis did his magic with the graphics. We put our resources together and purchased an inexpensive but good digital camcorder. We used my digital camera to take the pictures.

We looked for models on AOL and mostly. It is amazing to me that we never actually spent any money on advertising. Just looking for models in the way we did, generated many leads! The ones that we liked we offered an interview with. At first we held the interviews at Starbucks on Lincoln Road, but towards the end I was having the interviews at my apartment in SoBe. Those interviews got pretty heavy :)

We would usually film at the Catalina Hotel in SoBe along Collins Avenue. It was such an amazing experience. I directed the action, which was always solo jerking off vids. I snapped directions and pictures with my digital camera, as Luis recorded the action with his camcorder. We made a great team and we had tons of fun doing it. I still remember our first model Dallas. After we finished filming him we had such an incredible high. I have never been able to recreate that high in my life, I hope to do so one day.

We filmed about eight models over the course of a year. We received a few subscriptions, but not enough to quit both of our day jobs. I think we lacked the experience and knowledge of marketing to really make it. I think our content was quite good for an amateur site. We decided to call it quits, but the experience will forever be in my thoughts. I learned so much from that experience, and it has helped me in every facet of life. I hope to one day start another site, but this time I would like professional help with the marketing.

In memory of our site,, I placed the entire site on my website. You can check it out by following this link: The whole site is pretty much intact except for a couple of scripts here and there and the movie clips. They were way too large to have on this site. Let me know what you think of the guys that we took pictures of.

Party Monster

Tuesday, February 24th, 2004

Party MonsterMario rented Party Monster and I decided to check it out. I’ve been wanting to see it since it was out in the theatres but I never got around to it, mostly because I was too lazy. I have to admit that when I first started seeing it I didn’t like it at all. Macaulay Culkin and Seth Green looked odd playing flamboyantly gay characters. Although the characters do grow on you. Especially that annoying signature laugh that Culkin has.

The movie had some wild parties and outfits. It was definately very interesting. My favorite was Marilyn Manson as Christina. He was great! It was so strange to see such an obscure movie have such an amazing cast. I knew I would eventually like the movie since anything with Chloe Sevigny is amazing. I’ve liked her since she did Kids. When I first saw that movie I thought it was a real documentary because the stars of the movie looked like kids. But Chloe was actually an adult in that movie. After watching Party Monster I had an urge to watch Kids again. I’ll have to put it on my que on netflix.

KidsThis weekend was fun. Rafael, Mario, and I met Racso at Twist in South Beach. When we got there I didn’t have my usual longings to move back. I think I am definately adjusting to Fort Lauderdale. It was a nightmare trying to find parking. Once we did find parking we had a nice time. I saw a very hot stripper that the MC called 15-incher. And he wasn’t a let down. He had a towel on and I had to tip him. Once I did he let me cop a feel and take a look. It was very big! We also made a new lesbian friend, her name is Angel and she lives somewhere in Fort Lauderdale. Mario hit it off with her right away. I was concentrating more on 15-incher.

After Twist we were supposed to head to the Miami Bathhouse but Mario didn’t want to go. He claimed he was tired. Once we dropped off Racso Mario agreed to go to the bathhouse in Oakland. I think Mario didn’t want to be naked around Racso. But of course he won’t admit that. We hit the batthouse around 3:00am but it was still pretty full. I was damn exhausted at this point. We didn’t stay too long. I had been driving my mom all morning from Hialeah to Fort Lauderdale and back again since I had taken her to the spa. So I was up since 8:00AM. Which is amazing for me!!

Sunday we were supposed to go to the beach but we never found parking. So much for that! We ended up eating at Georgi’s, which by the way had amazing ribs, I was pleasntly surprised. Then we had some coffee at java boys and Rafael was off back to Kendall to break up with Tommy. Which of course we knew would not really happen. And it didn’t. He made up and had sex. Next week he’ll try to break up again, go back home, and have sex again. The cycle always continues! But it wouldn’t be Rafael if he did it any other way.

Coming Out Entry :: June 21, 1996 ::

Monday, February 23rd, 2004

Coming OutI read many of my past entries trying to find the right one to post. I was going to post my sexual experiences with a close friend in San Francisco, but in the end I decided that should remain private. I decided to share the journal entry that recaps my coming out experience to my parents. It was a very touching point in my life and one which helped me become even more proud of who I am and proud of the parents that I have. Here is the entry dated June 12th 1996. It was my towards the end of my first year in college….

There were too many problems on my mind. I decided to tell her right there and then. I opened my eyes and realized that I was still at the mall. I didn’t want to be there. How could I possibly tell my mother I was gay. Where would I begin? I was 19 years old and my parents had no idea who I really was. I held back the tears so that I wouldn’t embarass my parents at the mall. After all we were shopping to buy a gift for dad for Father’s day.

My mom made her decisions for the gift and soon we were in the car. Half way home a song came on the radio that always makes me sad and emtional, If I Could Fly by Benny Mardonis. Tears began to flow from my eyes. I know my dad was tense because he was looking at me through the rear view mirror. I decided at that moment that I was going to tell them something so that I wouldn’t back out when we got home. I told both of my parents, “Mom, Dad when we get home I need to talk to both of you”. My parents got scared but my mom told dad to calm down. At that point I was more scared than ever.

We arrived at home. I dried my tears and kissed my grandmother. We proceeded to the computer room where my grandmother would not hear us. I was nervous, what would I say? My mom sat next to me and my dad sat on a chair. I mumbled some words but it was too low to hear. My mom asked me what I said. Instead of repeating I told them that I did not know where to begin. My mother asked me if she could help.

She asked if it had anything to do with my sexuality. There really is nothing to be kept from a mother. At that point I was telling them that I loved them more than anything in this world. I was so scared they were going to reject me as their son. I told them that I wanted to have this conversation since I was 12 years old. All this I accomplished while crying uncontrollably. I finally told them that I was homosexual. The word sounded so medical and sterlized coming from my lips. I will never forget my father’s gaze because after I said it he did not look directly into my eyes during the whole conversation.

I explained everything and they sat their listening. Mom asked my dad to give me a hug. When he he did he started crying and so did I. He told me through his tears that I was his only son and that he loved me no matter what. It felt as if all the weight that was keeping me down in life left through the tears that I had shed. When the conversation was over I was exhausted. My mom told me that I was the best son parents could ever have because I was honest and caring.

Coming Out

I know I am lucky because I have parents who can see through their own prejudices because I was their son. I thank my lucky stars every day that I have such understanding and intelligent parents. I am content in knowing that I told my parents how much I love them and that I came out. It felt so unbelieably good. I felt at that point in my life that I could accomplish anything. That I had no fears. I was unstoppable because I had unconditional love from my parents and the deepest truths had been revealed.

Now that I am 26 I cannot believe the incredible courage that I had at 19. Whenever I feel scared, or think that I cannot accomplish the things that I want to do in my life, I read this entry. It empowers me. It lets me know that I can do anything, and that usually the fear that holds you back from acting out is stronger than the consequences. I encourage everyone who hasn’t come out to your parents to do so. It might not be a happy ending, but at least you are true to yourself. There is no greater drug.

Key West Pimpin’

Thursday, February 19th, 2004

Key WestI finally booked my week of fun at the Island House. I’ll be staying at the Island House from March 23rd which is a Tuesday through Sunday March 28th. So if you’ll be in the Key West area during that time definately let me know! I got a new credit card over the mail and decided to use it to book my trip. I know that if I had waited closer to March, they probably would be booked up and I probably would have backed out. I have made so many plans to go so many places with my friends. Either we run out of money, or someone can’t make it. This time around I’m going! Going on my own to the bathhouse has really taught me that if I want to do something, I should do it alone. If you depend on other people to do things you might be let down. This is not to say that I would not gladly go with any of my friends to Key West, and I invited them all but I will not be surprised or discouraged if they can’t make it. There was a time when I would be frightened just to go to the movies alone, now I am making a trip to Key West on my own. I truly do feel free. At 26 I feel more in control of my life than in any other period. I look forward to growing more comfortable in my skin and with the world around me.

Key West

That was pretty heavy. Let’s lighten up the mood again. I think I’m going to have a feature on my website called: Where will he move to this week. Because now my boss says that by the end of next week I will have an offer. I’ve exhausted every single option. I decided no matter where I live I’ll be open to the idea. Staying in Fort Lauderdale has many advantages, but mixing it up and changing scenery to Southern California is definately an experience that I would love to have part of my life. My gut feeling tells me that I’ll probably stay here, but who knows, my company might actually give me enough money to move out there!

I was reading an article today about Iranian women bloggers. It was very fascinating. I have always had a fascination with the middle east, their culture is so drastically different than everything I am exposed to. I try to catch every foreign film that I can about the area. For some reason I have seen more documentaries and independant films about Iran than any other middle eastern country. It would be my dream to one day visit Tehran. Until I do I have a great perspective on the place by this wonderful blogger: Lady Sun. Her blog was posted on the article that I read. She’s not a fundamentalist, just a regular citizen of the world who comments about life in Iran. I hope you guys get a chance to check out her blog, it’s amazing. Her english is very good too. The article that I was reading was mentioning these bloggers because they fear that the next administration to be “elected” in Iran will severely limit access to the internet, making these bloggers obsolote. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen. Key West

The pictures on this blog I grabbed from: Tropical Silks. If you like them they sell silk prints on the website. I fell in love with the colors and how it captures the fun, free-will of Key West. Maybe instead of moving to Los Angeles, or Miami, I should get a place down in Key West :) After all whenever I get a chance I head down there. I was talking to Cristina, who works for my building and she’s getting married down there. They rented a yacht that holds 45 people and are having the ceremony out in the water. It sounded awesome. If I ever tied the knot I’d definately do it that way. She was going to play Jimmy Buffet the whole way through, and that’s the only part that I disagreed with her on! hehe

I recently found my old journals. For my next entry I’ll transcribe one of my past entries. It will be nice to contrast what I was doing and thinking during that time with what’s going on in my life now.

It’s Tina’s (Sweetie’s) birthday today. I’m sure she’s freezing her ass off in Boston, I miss you girl, you need to come back to Florida where you belong! If you guys don’t know who Tina is, she is the famous model that posed for two of my galleries. Don’t miss these: Tina Gallery and Tina 21 Gallery. They are both good. Tina went on to become a supermodel for Marlboro cigarettes and studies Chemistry and Physics on her spare time. Her hobbies include eating carrots with ranch dressing, and never loosing at drinking contests no matter what the cost!

Creatures of the Night

Tuesday, February 17th, 2004

Saturday we were checking out apartments for Luis. We were very discouraged because all the cheap places that we saw were G-H-E-T-T-O! They were awful. I felt bad for Luis because he really had his hopes up. I bet if we would have seen a very cute place he would have already placed his downpayment on the place. We did drive around two houses for sale, which were awesome. They both had pools, three bedrooms, and nice yards. The best part was that they were cheaper than what I had decided on for my budget. It also made me go nuts because I can’t seem to decide what I want to do, move to Los Angeles, rent in Wilton Manors, or buy in Wilton Manors.

Awesome Pic from Lavender Lounge

Mario has a friend who is a realtor so maybe he’ll be able to find a nice place to live. There really is no hurry. I still need time to come up with some reasonable amount of downpayment! Of course if I see my dream house then it’s off to dad’s house to ask for a family loan :) Somehow here is how I think things will draw out: My boss will delay the whole moving to Los Angeles, I’ll rent a house in the Wilton Manors area, then in a year buy a place. Things never work out when you plan them, but it’s nice to try! When it’s all set and done I’ll check back with my predictions in a year and see how close I came.

Saturday night was Luis’ debut to the Oakland bathhouse. At first it didn’t look like he was having a good time. But I think it was just shock setting in. He was expecting it to be like the Broward bathhouse and this one is definately a lot more skankier and lot more sexually charged. We both signed up for the waiting list to get a room. The wait was around three hours. I think I started seeing a smail on Luis’ face after we saw this muscular guy fuck the shit out of his boyfriend in the gym. Somehow we made it to the point where we got rooms. It was a first for me, because I had only gotten lockers before. I had done some oral play in the sauna and steamroom like usual, but the room was defiantely nice.

I had a hot muscular guy, he was latin or brazilian come in to my room. He asked me what I was into and I really wanted to get fucked. I got into position, doggie style my favorite of course, and he fucked me for a short time. I guess he’d been really horny or playing around all night because he came quickly. We switched and I lay down as he rode me. It was very hot to watch him ride my dick from every angle. There was a mirror on the side which helped put things into perspective! It was definately a hot time.

We left the bathhouse at around 6:00am and headed for Denny’s. Staying up that long and partying gets one very hungry! I woke up at around 2:00pm on Sunday. heheh Good thing I didn’t have anything planned for Sunday. Sunday Mario and I went and got a new fish tank and new fish. We got a bigger fish tank and different fish then we did last time. Tomorrow I’ll take some pictures of the tank. It’s looking very good. We got some silver dollars, columbian sharks, catfish, angel fish, and fire sharks. We need some more decorations and we’ll be all set.

Starring Lola and Rocco

Friday, February 13th, 2004

Here are some pics that I took of Lola and Rocco during my lunch break. I really want to take a black and white photography course, so I’m practicing the skills.

Let me know what you guys think. You can click on the pics to see them larger.

Lola at Attention

Lola wanting Attention


Cute Rocco

Bathhouse Madness and the End of WWIII

Friday, February 13th, 2004

Bath HouseWell I’ve gone totally nuts with this bathhouse thing. I blame lexapro. It has me on a complete sexual libido high! I’m not a drinking man, I don’t do drugs, but my addiction lies in sex. Even more so when my anti-depressant kicks in and makes me so horny I can bounce off walls. Needless to say I’ve been hitting the Oakland Bathhouse like it was going out of style. Interestingly enough I always have fun everytime I go. I either have really hot hookups, or make friends!! So far I’ve made four friends.

The latest friend is Bradley. Very hot guy. Cute body. I call him Mr. Party. He was looking to party with whatever was available at the time! He grew on me because he was very cute and a funny guy. It turned out that we both went ot UF undergrad, we both graduated at the same time, and we are both in our Master’s degree at Nova. Small world! We didn’t end up hooking up, I found my carnal pleasures elsewhere! And it was hot.

I did go to the bathhouse on Broward Monday when I took the day off. It was pretty full but that bathhouse doesn’t even seem like a bathhouse. It seems more like a resort. Sex only happens in the steam room for the most part, and sometimes it’s very hot in there, literally! So my vote definately goes to the Oakland bathouse, skank and all.

FriendsMario and I finally made up. The war is over. I decided that I had been holding a grudge for too long. The living situation was becoming increasingly tense. I instant messaged him asking him if he was interested in continuing our friendship. He was and we agreed to start over. Time does heal all wounds, and I hope that our friendship can return to the way it was before. I’m hoping for the best.

I should definately get some sleep now. But before I do, I have to share with you guys, that I had to drop a class!! Heheh all that sex and horniess at the bathhouse did not let me concentrate on my classes. I decided to drop one class, and to my surpise I actually get a 25% refund!! Whew!! I want to blow it on Key West. Would love to spend a week at the Island House in March. I’m trying to convince one of my friends to go, but I’m willing to go alone if I can’t find anyone from

Well I’m off to catch some zzzz’s. Until the next post.

Making Porn

Sunday, February 8th, 2004

Falcon Lifetime Exclusive: Matthew RushLuis and I checked out Matthew Rush in Making Porn last night at Cinema Paradiso. The best part of the whole night was that the theatre was actually part of my complex! heheh We didn’t have to walk far at all to see a funny play and some hot porn stars! The play was great. I had seen it a couple of years ago with my then best friend Roly. At that time the porn actor was Ryan Idol. I liked this version a lot better, Matthew Rush could not act but he was a hot guy to look at. Damn that boy has muscles! And his ass is huge. There has to be implants in there. It looks like it would uncomfortable to walk with an ass that big. Seriously! But I didn’t mind it one bit.

Sadly, even though the theatre is part of my complex, it was my first time in the theatre. The theatre was great. It had a very cozy feeling and the chairs were comfy. The crowd wasn’t too large but we went for the late show. I do remember when I saw it a couple of years back in SoBe, Ryan Idol came out to sign autographs. I didn’t see Rush anywhere.

The play basically showcases the true life story of Ken Ryker. A straight-mormon who did gay porn for the money. It’s a very nice comedy which gets depressing in the second act. If you want a light play, or just want to see hot guys walking around naked, this is the play for you!!

This is a short entry today since I have to get my ass moving on my school work. If you haven’t read Ms Anita Bristol’s blog entry about domination, do yourself a favor and read it! It’s classic!

How 24 Series Ruined my Life

Saturday, February 7th, 2004

Ok. I know you heard it before. I’m obssesed with this series. I thought Season 2 was not going 24 Season 2to be as compelling as Season 1. Well I was very, very wrong! This week I was supposed to get a lot accomplished with school. Of course netflix dropped off the first disc in the series for Season 2 and after watching the four hours straight through I knew I had to buy the damn dvd set!!! Season 1 and 2 have set me back $120.00. Strangely I’m not dying to sell it right away on ebay like I do everything else. Instead I might keep it for a while. Whenever I loose focus about moving to Los Angeles I’ll just pop it in and it will always remind me how I want to move to LA and become an agent for the NSA. One day!

I have been going a little nuts over where I am going to live in the next six months. I did pre-qualify for a home loan with my dad as a coborrower, my credit was too stinky to do it on my own. It made me very excited, but at the same time it was very nerve racking. Buying a home is such a major step, and it seems like all the pieces aren’t there right now. I don’t want what happened in SoBe to happen again. I want to have enough money saved up so that if I loose my job I can be ok for a couple of months.

HollywoodSo I devised a plan of attack. I emailed my boss and asked him to give me a final notice on whether they’ll relocate me over to LA. I should have that soon, as early as next week. If the offer is good I’ll be LA bound. If not then I’ll rent a place in the following neighborhoods: Wilton Manors, Victoria Park, or South Beach. Then when I save up enough, I’ll buy my place. My goal is to have my Master’s Degree and have a house by the age of 30. If everything goes according to plan I’ll have my Master’s in Computer Science by 28. So the house should come sometime soon after that!! Wish me luck!

Last night I headed over to my favorite bathhouse. I thought I would see GeekSlut there but there was no sign of him. There was one guy who had his build, but I don’t think it was him. Although he gave me a nice show in the showers. I went with the full intention of getting off and of course I came out of the place making two new friends, Ruben and Doug. Ruben was a hysterical puerto rican who was the chattiest person I had ever seen in a bathhouse. He was hilarious. Doug joined us later in the pool and he had graduated from his Master’s in Computer Science. If you guys are reading this make sure to say hi in the comments.

We had a great time talking about all sorts of things while we checked out the hot guys coming and going. I almost went there again today but I realized how obssesive that was, so I stayed at home finished a project for work and then joined Ms. Broward ( who we now call Ms. West Broward because she gets lost East of I-95) and Luis at Denny’s for some chow down. As always we found tons of things to laugh about, and Luis was a little bitchy because his underwear was tight. He’s been touch, bitchy two days in a row, no matter what he says.

Btw you can all thank Ms. Broward for my feeding my my obssesive impulses because she informed me tonight that Season 3 of 24 is going on now. DAMN IT! I’ll never do anything productive again!!! On that note, I’m going to check out the play Making Porn tomorrow with Matthew Rush. He’s a hot gay porn star and the play features him naked. The playhouse is actually connected to my apartment complex so it will be a nice little elevator ride down there! I’ll let you guys know how it goes. I’m excited about it. And we have really good seats.

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