Where the hell am I going to Live?

Well my lease will be up in June. As most of you know I will no longer be Mario’s roommate. Originally I was going to buy a house in Fort Lauderdale, but honestly I haven’t put away enough money to do that step. I think in another year I’ll be ready. The reason I was going to stay in Fort Lauderdale is because I would probably be able to get a house with a yard, and I know Lola would love that. I’ve gotten used to Fort Lauderdale, but honestly my heart is in South Beach. I know everyone is moving up here to Fort Lauderdale but I still miss the beach.

Lola loved it over there because you can take dogs everywhere and people have so many dogs. We were always at the dog park and she absolutely loved it. Of course living on the beach put me so close to the ocean, since I used to go all the time in the summer. Also it puts me a lot closer to the parents. I would be able to visit them in about 20 minutes. The only thing I didn’t like about the beach was the high cost of everything and how everyone looks so damn perfect. It drove me nuts for a little bit.

But I think in the end I’ll end up over there. It’s really where I want to be. Don’t get me wrong, there is a lot of fun to be had in Fort Lauderdale, but it’s just not me. I know I’ve made my friends dizzy switching between one city and the other. But I’m a die-hard 305 fan. You can’t change that! The only thing about moving back is the expensive ass deposits and the lack of parking, I’m sooo not going to miss that at all. I’m going to start looking at places soon, because the months have a way of creeping up on you!

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