Dean For President!

Dean for President!Well I finally reviewed the Democratic Candidates. I know it’s taken me a long time to do this. I have to say that I like Howard Dean the best. I’m not that political but I do know that it would be torture to have Bush for another four years. Since we can’t have Bill Clinton back, and since Hillary isn’t running this year, the clear candidate is Howard Dean. What more can you ask for, he legalized same-sex unions in his state, he opposes the war in Iraq, and he’s very active in changing our healthcare system. So of course I would vote for a candidate who is pro-gay, pro-geek, and a democrat. Best of all his staff has a blog setup which is awesome! If you want to weigh the evidence yourself check out his blog, it’s very detaled at: http://www.blogforamerica.com/.

I finally finished all my homework last night. I had about an hour to spare which is amazing. Usually I’m cutting it close to the deadline! I was chatting with two old friends last night. Meera from high school and Dave Prugh from UF. Meera is in Berkeley having an awesome time I bet, and Dave is somewhere near the border of Mexico and Texas teaching 7th graders for Teach Across America. He hates it there and wants a big city real soon!

Sony Cyber-Shot

This is going to be a short entry because I’ve been slacking on work today. I was about to buy a new camera today on impulse from Best Buy, which would have left my credit card limping, but luckily it hasn’t come to Best Buy yet, so I didn’t regret it. But if you are in the market for a kick-ass camera, check out the Sony 5 MegaPixel Cyber-shot. It is tiny, has a huge screen, and throws beautiful pictures. I’ve included a link to a review from tech tv. Just click on the picture for more info. If you buy it before I get my hands on it, email me and let me know how you like it.

Ok I better get my ass back to work. I need to focus and complete all my projects this week.

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