Another Action Packed Weekend

This past weekend was fun. Saturday and Sunday flew by! I am not totally and completly addicted to the 24 Series. I’ve seen 5 discs now and it’s definately drawing me in. I was supposed to finish up some homwork last night, but who wants to do that when the President’s life is in danger! And even worse, some of the people that I work with might be involved with the assasination. hehe I’ll stop there. I told you I was into it!

Saturday we went to cheer on Ms. Browards son Alex at his soccer match. I was sick as a dog but I still went. The whole gang showed up for the game. We had fun like usual and I laughed my ass off as one of the 11 year olds had a fall out with Anita Bristol, I mean Luis. He doesn’t like it when I call him by his alter ego. The soccer kid fouled the ball near luis, and right when the ball went out of bounds, he looked square at Luis and said, “Oh God!”. It was definately a drag queen moment in the making. Later on during the match Luis was trying to enjoy a nasty tasting funnel cake when the same soccer kid gave him another stare! It was too much.

We went to lunch with one of Ms. Broward’s friend called Manuela. She’s a very funny lady. Her kids were running around with play guns yelling, “kill the turks”. Of course she was greek! We went to Crabby Jacks which I had never been to before. It was pretty scary. THe food was alright but it was a hooters type of place. If they had half-dressed guys serving food, it would have been a whole of a lot better!!!

Speaking of Ms. Broward, she finally got her site and blog up!!! Can you believe it! Check it out because I’m sure it will prove to be hilarious! The link is: www.missbroward.com. See how I’m advertising your blog even though you didn’t list me first on your links! I see how it is. Now we all have to create some drama to get some good blogging going! It doesn’t take us much to get that going!

Speaking of good drama, after lunch on Saturday, Luis and I went to Best Buy in Boca. I finally, finally bought my iPOD. I was so excited. I was very cool and collected when I charged up my card with all that money. So you know I must have really liked my iPOD! Luis bought some souped up car stereo that can play mp3’s. It was very neat and even brought a remote control. We are such hardcore consumers. As soon as I came home, I walked Lola as fast as I could and then went to install the iPOD. I had transferred all the songs in about 20 minutes. It was crazy!! I’ve been playing with it ever since I got it. Now I’m hunting for songs to add to my collection.

Sunday I spent pretty much the entire day watching 24 and taking Lola to the dog park. There was such a cutie at the park, buzzed head, exactly how I like’m. But I didn’t say hi or anything. Which is strange because I’ve been a little social butterfly lately. I kept to myself and listened to my ipod as Lola played for an hour or so. Some little doggie came and knocked the ipod down, so I knew then that I should put it away, or cut the dog, I decided to put it away.

Now that I don’t feel like shit with my cold, I have to start getting off my ass and going to the gym. I’m been slacking and January is almost over. I definately want to make an improvement by my next birthday! The new improved Kelvis will be coming soon! Until then I’ll eat everything that I can from the fridge. I finally did groceries on Sunday. I was getting tired of eating out all the time. My new food obssesion is now Guacomle flavored doritos, but all beware! It gives real nasty gas. Believe it!

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