Stressed Out with Cold all in 24 Hrs

Stressed OutI’m sure my blood pressure is through the roof today. It always shoots up when I’m stressed out. And stressed out I am. On the work front I finally finished this really annoying project. It was an xml feed for qualifying loan bids. If it sounds boring, believe me it was!!!! So now that that’s done with, work went pretty smoothly today. It’s school that’s attacking me! I didn’t go over to my parents today because I wanted to finish a project that was due at midnight today. If you’re wondering I haven’t finished, haven’t really started, but it turned out that the professor made a mistake and it’s due tomorrow. So I won’t worry about it until 9:30pm tomorrow. heheh Just kidding!

The worst of my stress is for my second class, Operating Systems. This man makes us write in some stupid online forum daily. The problem is that he poses a question and all the eager bastards in my class answer all the questions before I even have time to respond! Yuck I hate them all! Why can’t they be stupid like in my first class. I was going to reply to a couple of the questions tonight but some loser sat there and replied to all of the professor’s questions, HELLO BUDDY LEAVE SOME FOR THE REST OF US SLACKERS! The funny thing is that even though this professor writes a lot of crap in the discussion boards, it’s not figured into our grade, so I’ll participate as little as possible and get away with it.

The worst part about today is that I’m sick. I feel like shit. I take nasty smelling garlic pills and Hemp Protein everyday just so that I wont get sick, and what do I get? A cold and diahrrea. I know how to spell diahrrea because I get it often. Know your enemy I say. I’m sure my friends are laughing now, we have this habit of talking about our own shit until one of us gets grossed out. How did we get on that topic? Strange…I must say, Ms Anita Bristol can wipe out a whole village. If you spray Lysol spray it will just make it worse. WARNING TO ALL!

24So since I didn’t go to my parents and I could procrastinate in my assignment because of it’s new due date, and work was slow (co-workers strike that last statement from the record) I did what any productive person would do, I watched the entire first DVD of 24 the series. I blame netflix because it just came in the mail today and was taunting me all morning. When I finsihed watching all four hours the work day was done! Whew hard day. The DVD rocked! I’m waiting for the next disc. It made me want to be an undercover agent except they do a lot of running around and I was just fine enjoying my drive-thru Boston Market.

On that note, I felt shitty that I couldn’t go to the gym. I wanted to go real bad but you know since I was sick, I wanted to help out my immune system as much as possible. I’m so nice to my body and then it betrays me by having the slowest metabolism on Earth so you always have to know how to determine your metabolic type. What’s up with that shit? Alright well after writing such a lengthy blog I think I just got motivated to finish my homework tonight for Data Communications. As soon as I can score a cup of coffee….yeah…it’s good for blood pressure.

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