Fish Killer

This entry will be a short one. I haven’t posted in a while because two days ago I did a horrible thing. I was feeling pumped about life so I cleaned my room and then I proceeded to clean out the fish tank. Everything was going great except when it came time to put the fish back into the tank. As I put them in, one of the small ones was trying to jump out. He actually did and almost went through the garbage disposal. I thought I was trying to help him, so I threw him back in.

Minutes after I put them back into the tank they all started dying. It was horrible. I panicked. I didn’t know what to do. Finally I decided to take the remaining goldfish and run to the river and set them free. I wish I had thought of it earlier. By the time I got to the river they were all dead. I dumped them in the river nonetheless, holding on to the smallest amount of hope. Right there and then I decided I didn’t want to have any more fish for a while. Mario thought that what killed them was the sponge that I used, since he said it is chemically treated. Luis’s mom though that it was the temperature change. My mom believed that I didn’t add the drops to the water to neutralize the chlorine. I think that’s what did them in. It was a very sad event, one that unfortunately I have to play again and again in my head.

I can’t end this entry on a negative note, so I’m happy to annouce that there are three new blogs heading your way. Two of them are already up, and one of them is on the way. Jim finally got his blog going and he already has a couple of entries. Check out his blog. You can view all the blogs from the favorite blog list on the left column of the blog. Luis and Ms. Broward were inspired to start their own blog. Not only are they starting their own blogs but they started their own sites as well! Ms. Broward was elated that she was able to get www.missbroward.com. As of this writing her site isn’t up yet, but look for some fun stuff. Speaking of fun check out Luis’s site and alter ego, www.anitabristol.com. It’s refreshing to see a drag queen fighting for the working girl.

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