Action Packed Weekend

Originally Rafael and I were going to go to Key West because his ball-and-chain was going home to Lousiana. But of course, as is Rafael’s luck he did not get his credit card in time. So we had to stay in South Florida. Rafael was going to come over Friday afternoon and we were going to make it a mini-vacation. And that we did!

On Friday the plans were to go to the Ramrod and then to go to the Oakland bathhouse. The bathhouse took incredible coaxing because Rafael doesn’t like those places, but really he just doesn’t want people to see him naked. Unless he’s drunk then his name become Raf-Lo. So we headed off to the Ramrod. We thought there was a huge party going on because it was 11:35pm and the line was long to get in. It turned out that due to someone calling the fire marshall they now had to be very careful about how many people they had in the place. It sucked! I did see one of Mark’s ex’s in the front of the line. I would have said hi but I think he was the type who probably wouldn’t have remembered. Plus he wasn’t all that cute.

So when we got in we were expecting a full house. But it was actually pretty empty. And we were sober, so that’s a bad combination right there. Things weren’t as frisky as they usually are at the bar so we only lasted about an hour. Before we headed to the Oakland bathhouse. Like I said earlier Raf-Lo just wouldn’t stop bitching about not going. But on we went! I was a little bit nervous because I had never been to that one. I knew it was going to be an older crowd and not as hot as the one on Broward. Out of all the bathhouses that I have gone to this one I liked the least. I did like the dark room and the video room, but there was no pool or outside area, and the place looked like no one kept it up. This was a place to do your business and go. We were there for a while but there was barely any action happening, or I should say I was getting any action so after about one hour or two we called it a night.

Saturday we took Lola to the dog park. It was kind of empty because the day was overcast, but she loved it. We let her run around for about 45 minutes then we headed over to get some lunch and browse a couple of stores. Saturday night we were going to pick up Roscoe and hit some clubs in Coral Gables. Around dinner time I was already feeling tired and not wanting to go to Miami. Roscoe called and said he was going to stay with his friends and go to Twist. Rafael was a little disappointed but he suggested we just go to Twist. While I was taking a bath I realized that I always did that. I always get excited about something new then I complain that I”m too tired or that it’s too far. So I told Rafael that we were going to O’Zone and then we were hitting the Miami bathhouse :) I even found free coupons in the newspaper for a monthly membership so we were set.

We had a blast at Ozone. It was a really nice club. They played some latin music and then at 12:00am they started playing popular music. It reminded us of the music they played at UC in Gainesville. We were having fun. They had strippers, the layout of the club was nice, we made friends with a bartender named Ben, and the boys were cute! Latin hottness all the way! I had to tear Rafael away because he did not want to leave. So I threatened his life and off we went to the Miami Bathhouse.

The Miami Batthouse was my favorite. It’s smaller than the Broward one but it has definate charm! There was a ky corral area that was made of all wood that had a dark maze, a urinal, and a bondage chamber. I think there were glory holes too but it was too dark to tell. It was a really fun place. The crowd was a little light, but there were some hotties working the rooms. There was no action happening but plenty of dick to be seen! And most of them uncut. I was amazed at where the batthouse was since I had always worked out by there and never even noticed it. It’s right on Miracle Mile! Crazy!!!

Sunday I think was the most action packed of all the days. We took the river sight seeing tour in Fort Lauderdale. It was awesome! It showed all the big mansions in Fort Lauderdale and the Port. The view was breathtaking. Above all the cruise was so relaxing. We had a really good time. Afterwords we decided to watch Big Fish with Ewan McGregor. The movie was amazing. I got goose bumps during the last 30 minutes of the movie. It was so touching! I definately recommend everyone to go out and see it. I definately connected very much with the main character’s father because I tend to spin tales which at times are a bit exaggerated, call it cuban tradition! I didn’t know if Rafael was going to like it, but he loved it! I knew it was going to be good, because usually anything that Ewan McGregor does is very good. The Pillowbook was a bit strange but it did show him completly naked so he gets points for that one

That’s enough writing for this session. I’ll leave you with a link to a very funny flash applet that Ms. Broward sent me. If you guys are a fan of Outkast’s Hey Ya, you are going to love it. Click Here for it.

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