WW III and Friendly Visits

I haven’t updated the blog in a while. This weekend went by real fast! Susie came by Saturday to spend the weekend. Arlet was supposed to come by to exchange presents, but she said she was sick, and then gave me attitude! So whatever! I guess I’ll find out what she got me for Christmas sometime soon, hopefully before next Christmas!

It was nice that Susie came over because we went to the Las Olas Arts Festival. I was going to buy some nice art, but everything was definately way over priced. I had gone to the Wilton Manors one last weekend and they had nicer stuffer for a better bargain. While we were walking the booths I saw an old classmate from high school, John Priovolos. We didn’t say hi, because we are social like that, but I had a huge crush on John when I was in high school. I was convinced he was gay, but it turned out he was just shy with the girls. I really don’t think he’s gay.

We also went to see Lord of the Rings with Rafael. It had been years since Susie and Rafael had seen each other even though we are all living in South FLorida now! The movie was very, very long. And while the movie itself was not bad at all, it was too much like part two, too much focus on the fighting and not enough on the fantasy element. I would have liked to see more fantasy elements. I had also seen Mona Lisa Smile a couple of weeks ago. I definately recommend that over LOTR 3. Mona Lisa Smile was a great dramatic movie for anyone who ever had a teacher who made a difference in their lives. It also helps that it had a power packed cast. I love anything Kristin Dunst does. I’ve been a fan of hers ever since I saw her in Interview with a Vampire and Drop Dead Gorgeous (one of the funniest movies I have ever seen).

Now that I’m on reviews, the Sarah McLachlan CD sucked. At first I hated it except for the first single, but now I don’t hate it as much. I listen to it whenever I take a bath so it is growing on me. It’s not as strong as her last albums. Shame because I was really expecting a lot from her this time around. Who knows it might turn out like the Madonna album. I hated American Life the album when it first came out. I finally listened to it long enough to like every single song on the album! I think it’s the subliminal messages that it has.

Mario came home Saturday. I was expecting him on Sunday. I’m glad that Susie was there to help out with the initial uncomfortable situation. He pretended like nothing happened and like usual didn’t apologize. Actually to this day he hasn’t apologized. I thought I was going to treat him like normal and just treat him like an acquantance, but I was so angry when I actually saw him that I decided not to talk to him. He tried to kid around about me not talking to him, but he quickly let that go. I’m not sure how long I will keep ignoring him, but it sucks that he didn’t even attempt at an apology for hurting my feelings.

Luckily I most probably will be going with Rafael to Key West this weekend so that we can unwind and have some fun. His ball-and-chain is leaving for New Orleans so he’ll be single for the weekend. We were going to stay at the IslandHouse Resort, but I think we might end up staying right on Duval Street! It will even be cheaper! I’ll let you guys know what and who we do :) I’m sure we’ll have tons of fun.

Since I’m on the topic of Key West which always leads to sex, I had a crazy hookup yesterday. He was a bit older, but he had a massive dick! It wasn’t that it was thick, so much as it was long! When he was pounding me it actually hurt when he went in all the way, so I think I know my threshold now! He fucked me in my bedroom, on my knees, next to the window, and even in the bathroom while we were taking showers. He didn’t use any lube and my ass was raw afterwards!!! Next time, lube all the way.

The scary part is that while I was about to cum, I either came so hard or the water was too hot, but I felt light headed and almost passed out. He was talking all sexual when he was about to cum, but all I could think about was staying focused and breathing evenly so I didn’t pass out. hehehe that would have been embarassing! Since he did fuck me so hard, my ass was raw that night when I tried using the restroom. That always scares me with std scares, so I gotta go get a checkup soon! I hate it though because the damn Chlymidia test is so damn painful. It’s evil! But I gotta do it!

I also start school this week. The two classes look very cool. I’m taking Operating Systems and Networking. Supposedly Operating Systems is the hardest class in the bunch. So if I do well in this class, I should breeze through the other classes. The classes this semester seem more like an online class and less like study from home course. There are schedules class sessions and more programming! Wish me luck!

Also thanks to everyone for signing my guestbook! You guys and gals rock. A special hello to TinaSlut. I gotta get out to Boston to visit you. I will I promise!

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