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My Baby-GWell I totally made up for such a crappy New Year’s Eve buy picking up my mom Thursday and going to the Dolphin Mall. It’s like Sawgrass Mills, but it’s a little smaller and it has unique stores, which tend to have big bargains! I was originally going to take her to the Sunday Market on South Beach but I was disoriented because of the holidays and didn’t realize it was Thursday. We had so much fun, and she had her equal share of buying, buying, buying!

My star purchase was the Baby-G watch. I saw it on Instinct Magazine and I instantly fell in love with it. I found it at Sunglass Hut and purchased it right away. I bought a more expensive model and when I got home the lady had given me the wrong damn watch! I was so pissed. It was too late to go back to the mall and return it, even though I tried. I went today to the shop in Las Olas but they didn’t have the one that I wanted. So I went all the way to Galleria Mall for the watch. Heheh I wasn’t going to give up. I finally got the one that I wanted and it was actually $20.00 cheaper. It’s so pretty. It’s a little feminine but I don’t care. It looks awesome!

While I was at the Galleria Mall I noticed that KayBe Toystores was going under so they were having a big going out of business sale. I took advantage and bought two more gameboy games, Namco Classic Collection and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I am addicted! I still haven’t finished the first two games that I bought originally. But hey they were pretty cheap.

My second toy is a new cell phone. I competly destroyed my motorola v60 trying to put some flashy keypad on it. I soo killed it. On top of that I had dropped the cellphone in the water, so I don’t think it was every going to work the same again. After this huge ordeal trying to get a replacement I just decided to get a new one. I chose the Samung one pictured on the page. I was going to get the pda/cell phone all-in-one but it was way too expensive, and I would probably never use all the features!

All that’s left to do is sell all the accessories for the v60 on ebay.com so that I can buy the accessories for the new phone :)

I almost forgot how made I was at Mario. While the madness might subside soon, I will never really forget the shit that he did to me for New Year’s Eve. I still don’t know how I will react when he comes home, but until then I’ll be plotting his death in my dreams. Only in my dreams, there is no need to call 911. I promise.

Samsung Phone!

I’m going to go pick up my new cell phone from my dad. Wish me luck. I start school and work on Monday which only means one thing, financial aid dispersement!!!!! I should take all the money and go to Europe, but I’m saving that for when I graduate. Right now I’ll use it to pay off all my credit cards so my credit looks squeaky clean for when I purchase my home! I hope it works. I think you arent’ supposed to use financial aid to pay debts but hey! I need it!

Until I write again, I hope the new year has started on a good note for everyone. I wanted to say hi to Jim and thank him for his kind emails. Look for his blog to come online soon!

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