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Where the hell am I going to Live?

Wednesday, January 28th, 2004

Well my lease will be up in June. As most of you know I will no longer be Mario’s roommate. Originally I was going to buy a house in Fort Lauderdale, but honestly I haven’t put away enough money to do that step. I think in another year I’ll be ready. The reason I was going to stay in Fort Lauderdale is because I would probably be able to get a house with a yard, and I know Lola would love that. I’ve gotten used to Fort Lauderdale, but honestly my heart is in South Beach. I know everyone is moving up here to Fort Lauderdale but I still miss the beach.

Lola loved it over there because you can take dogs everywhere and people have so many dogs. We were always at the dog park and she absolutely loved it. Of course living on the beach put me so close to the ocean, since I used to go all the time in the summer. Also it puts me a lot closer to the parents. I would be able to visit them in about 20 minutes. The only thing I didn’t like about the beach was the high cost of everything and how everyone looks so damn perfect. It drove me nuts for a little bit.

But I think in the end I’ll end up over there. It’s really where I want to be. Don’t get me wrong, there is a lot of fun to be had in Fort Lauderdale, but it’s just not me. I know I’ve made my friends dizzy switching between one city and the other. But I’m a die-hard 305 fan. You can’t change that! The only thing about moving back is the expensive ass deposits and the lack of parking, I’m sooo not going to miss that at all. I’m going to start looking at places soon, because the months have a way of creeping up on you!

Dean For President!

Tuesday, January 27th, 2004

Dean for President!Well I finally reviewed the Democratic Candidates. I know it’s taken me a long time to do this. I have to say that I like Howard Dean the best. I’m not that political but I do know that it would be torture to have Bush for another four years. Since we can’t have Bill Clinton back, and since Hillary isn’t running this year, the clear candidate is Howard Dean. What more can you ask for, he legalized same-sex unions in his state, he opposes the war in Iraq, and he’s very active in changing our healthcare system. So of course I would vote for a candidate who is pro-gay, pro-geek, and a democrat. Best of all his staff has a blog setup which is awesome! If you want to weigh the evidence yourself check out his blog, it’s very detaled at:

I finally finished all my homework last night. I had about an hour to spare which is amazing. Usually I’m cutting it close to the deadline! I was chatting with two old friends last night. Meera from high school and Dave Prugh from UF. Meera is in Berkeley having an awesome time I bet, and Dave is somewhere near the border of Mexico and Texas teaching 7th graders for Teach Across America. He hates it there and wants a big city real soon!

Sony Cyber-Shot

This is going to be a short entry because I’ve been slacking on work today. I was about to buy a new camera today on impulse from Best Buy, which would have left my credit card limping, but luckily it hasn’t come to Best Buy yet, so I didn’t regret it. But if you are in the market for a kick-ass camera, check out the Sony 5 MegaPixel Cyber-shot. It is tiny, has a huge screen, and throws beautiful pictures. I’ve included a link to a review from tech tv. Just click on the picture for more info. If you buy it before I get my hands on it, email me and let me know how you like it.

Ok I better get my ass back to work. I need to focus and complete all my projects this week.

Another Action Packed Weekend

Monday, January 26th, 2004

This past weekend was fun. Saturday and Sunday flew by! I am not totally and completly addicted to the 24 Series. I’ve seen 5 discs now and it’s definately drawing me in. I was supposed to finish up some homwork last night, but who wants to do that when the President’s life is in danger! And even worse, some of the people that I work with might be involved with the assasination. hehe I’ll stop there. I told you I was into it!

Saturday we went to cheer on Ms. Browards son Alex at his soccer match. I was sick as a dog but I still went. The whole gang showed up for the game. We had fun like usual and I laughed my ass off as one of the 11 year olds had a fall out with Anita Bristol, I mean Luis. He doesn’t like it when I call him by his alter ego. The soccer kid fouled the ball near luis, and right when the ball went out of bounds, he looked square at Luis and said, “Oh God!”. It was definately a drag queen moment in the making. Later on during the match Luis was trying to enjoy a nasty tasting funnel cake when the same soccer kid gave him another stare! It was too much.

We went to lunch with one of Ms. Broward’s friend called Manuela. She’s a very funny lady. Her kids were running around with play guns yelling, “kill the turks”. Of course she was greek! We went to Crabby Jacks which I had never been to before. It was pretty scary. THe food was alright but it was a hooters type of place. If they had half-dressed guys serving food, it would have been a whole of a lot better!!!

Speaking of Ms. Broward, she finally got her site and blog up!!! Can you believe it! Check it out because I’m sure it will prove to be hilarious! The link is: See how I’m advertising your blog even though you didn’t list me first on your links! I see how it is. Now we all have to create some drama to get some good blogging going! It doesn’t take us much to get that going!

Speaking of good drama, after lunch on Saturday, Luis and I went to Best Buy in Boca. I finally, finally bought my iPOD. I was so excited. I was very cool and collected when I charged up my card with all that money. So you know I must have really liked my iPOD! Luis bought some souped up car stereo that can play mp3’s. It was very neat and even brought a remote control. We are such hardcore consumers. As soon as I came home, I walked Lola as fast as I could and then went to install the iPOD. I had transferred all the songs in about 20 minutes. It was crazy!! I’ve been playing with it ever since I got it. Now I’m hunting for songs to add to my collection.

Sunday I spent pretty much the entire day watching 24 and taking Lola to the dog park. There was such a cutie at the park, buzzed head, exactly how I like’m. But I didn’t say hi or anything. Which is strange because I’ve been a little social butterfly lately. I kept to myself and listened to my ipod as Lola played for an hour or so. Some little doggie came and knocked the ipod down, so I knew then that I should put it away, or cut the dog, I decided to put it away.

Now that I don’t feel like shit with my cold, I have to start getting off my ass and going to the gym. I’m been slacking and January is almost over. I definately want to make an improvement by my next birthday! The new improved Kelvis will be coming soon! Until then I’ll eat everything that I can from the fridge. I finally did groceries on Sunday. I was getting tired of eating out all the time. My new food obssesion is now Guacomle flavored doritos, but all beware! It gives real nasty gas. Believe it!

HIV and Getting Off

Friday, January 23rd, 2004

I debated long and hard whether I would put this entry in. In the end I decided not to keep any secrets. It’s my new zen way of life. We’ll see how long it lasts. Last night I had a very hot hookup. The thing is that at first he told me straight out that he was hiv+. Now I have to be honest, in the past when people told me this that would be the end of the conversation. But then I realized that I’ve had quite a bit of hookups in South Florida, and SoFla has a very high incident of hiv+ cases. Just because the people I hooked up with didn’t tell me their status, did not make them hiv-. So I decided to play around with him with the condition that we would play safe. I went over his place and he was hot. He was a bit older than me but had that Ramrod manly look about him, like he was going to tear me in half. He had lots of kissing, rubbing, and oral play. It was hot! There was one point where I almost slid off the bed, which wasn’t so hot as it was funny, but that’s another entry!

He wanted to fuck me so he was teasing his dick around my asshole. He popped it in and I told him that he wasn’t fucking me unless he put a condom on. We continued playing for a while and then he put on a condom and fucked me. The funny thing is my usual neurotic self would have been thinking about the hiv situation constatly, but thanks to lexapro I was actually alright and comfortable. We had a great night and a hell of a work out. I was sweating buckets by the time it was all over.

I have to admit one naughty, naughty thing though. He wanted me to cum in his ass. And I did. I know that has danger zone written all over it, but I was so caught up in the heat of the moment that I did it. I never thought that I would be one to be caught up in the heat of the moment. But I’m susceptilble to stupidity a lot of the time. After all was done I really didn’t have any regrets. I know I need to get an hiv test in a couple of months, and I”m sure I’ll be a nervous wreck then. But until then I’m alright now. I’m proud of myself for sharing this with you guys because ordinarily in the past when I wrote my online journal I would have kept these type of accidents to myself. There is a certain degree of liberation when you share yourself like this. I’m liking it.

Stressed Out with Cold all in 24 Hrs

Wednesday, January 21st, 2004

Stressed OutI’m sure my blood pressure is through the roof today. It always shoots up when I’m stressed out. And stressed out I am. On the work front I finally finished this really annoying project. It was an xml feed for qualifying loan bids. If it sounds boring, believe me it was!!!! So now that that’s done with, work went pretty smoothly today. It’s school that’s attacking me! I didn’t go over to my parents today because I wanted to finish a project that was due at midnight today. If you’re wondering I haven’t finished, haven’t really started, but it turned out that the professor made a mistake and it’s due tomorrow. So I won’t worry about it until 9:30pm tomorrow. heheh Just kidding!

The worst of my stress is for my second class, Operating Systems. This man makes us write in some stupid online forum daily. The problem is that he poses a question and all the eager bastards in my class answer all the questions before I even have time to respond! Yuck I hate them all! Why can’t they be stupid like in my first class. I was going to reply to a couple of the questions tonight but some loser sat there and replied to all of the professor’s questions, HELLO BUDDY LEAVE SOME FOR THE REST OF US SLACKERS! The funny thing is that even though this professor writes a lot of crap in the discussion boards, it’s not figured into our grade, so I’ll participate as little as possible and get away with it.

The worst part about today is that I’m sick. I feel like shit. I take nasty smelling garlic pills and Hemp Protein everyday just so that I wont get sick, and what do I get? A cold and diahrrea. I know how to spell diahrrea because I get it often. Know your enemy I say. I’m sure my friends are laughing now, we have this habit of talking about our own shit until one of us gets grossed out. How did we get on that topic? Strange…I must say, Ms Anita Bristol can wipe out a whole village. If you spray Lysol spray it will just make it worse. WARNING TO ALL!

24So since I didn’t go to my parents and I could procrastinate in my assignment because of it’s new due date, and work was slow (co-workers strike that last statement from the record) I did what any productive person would do, I watched the entire first DVD of 24 the series. I blame netflix because it just came in the mail today and was taunting me all morning. When I finsihed watching all four hours the work day was done! Whew hard day. The DVD rocked! I’m waiting for the next disc. It made me want to be an undercover agent except they do a lot of running around and I was just fine enjoying my drive-thru Boston Market.

On that note, I felt shitty that I couldn’t go to the gym. I wanted to go real bad but you know since I was sick, I wanted to help out my immune system as much as possible. I’m so nice to my body and then it betrays me by having the slowest metabolism on Earth so you always have to know how to determine your metabolic type. What’s up with that shit? Alright well after writing such a lengthy blog I think I just got motivated to finish my homework tonight for Data Communications. As soon as I can score a cup of coffee….yeah…it’s good for blood pressure.

Fish Killer

Tuesday, January 20th, 2004

This entry will be a short one. I haven’t posted in a while because two days ago I did a horrible thing. I was feeling pumped about life so I cleaned my room and then I proceeded to clean out the fish tank. Everything was going great except when it came time to put the fish back into the tank. As I put them in, one of the small ones was trying to jump out. He actually did and almost went through the garbage disposal. I thought I was trying to help him, so I threw him back in.

Minutes after I put them back into the tank they all started dying. It was horrible. I panicked. I didn’t know what to do. Finally I decided to take the remaining goldfish and run to the river and set them free. I wish I had thought of it earlier. By the time I got to the river they were all dead. I dumped them in the river nonetheless, holding on to the smallest amount of hope. Right there and then I decided I didn’t want to have any more fish for a while. Mario thought that what killed them was the sponge that I used, since he said it is chemically treated. Luis’s mom though that it was the temperature change. My mom believed that I didn’t add the drops to the water to neutralize the chlorine. I think that’s what did them in. It was a very sad event, one that unfortunately I have to play again and again in my head.

I can’t end this entry on a negative note, so I’m happy to annouce that there are three new blogs heading your way. Two of them are already up, and one of them is on the way. Jim finally got his blog going and he already has a couple of entries. Check out his blog. You can view all the blogs from the favorite blog list on the left column of the blog. Luis and Ms. Broward were inspired to start their own blog. Not only are they starting their own blogs but they started their own sites as well! Ms. Broward was elated that she was able to get As of this writing her site isn’t up yet, but look for some fun stuff. Speaking of fun check out Luis’s site and alter ego, It’s refreshing to see a drag queen fighting for the working girl.


Friday, January 16th, 2004

Well it’s time for me to obssess about something new. And the new gadget that I want is an iPOD. If course I didn’t need one, and they are expensive as shit, but now I have to have one. In fact I didn’t know what I did without one! And no matter what Luis tells you he’s getting one too. iPOD So I was all ready to buy one but my last payment to my bestbuy credit card hasn’t gone through so I have to wait 7 more damn days to get my hands on it! Luckily I found something to occupy my time. I’m obssessively spending all my time organizing all my mp3’s with iTUNES. Not only can you buy mp3’s which I sadly do now, but you can use it to upload all your music to your iPOD. I figure by the time I’m done organzing all my music I’ll have my iPOD. I know I’m nuts but at least I”m medicated. It helps the time go by.

Speaking of obssesive acts, when Rafael and I went on our bathhouse tour, I went to the Oakland Bathhouse again on Sunday. I know I said it was the scariest one, but hey I was horny and I like dirty places every now and then. Actually I went alone which shocked me and all my friends, since I hate going alone to the movies, so I guess it was a good first step. I was supposed to meet a guy there. It turned out he never showed up, so the bastard stood me up. NO matter I found other ways to entertain myself. ACtually it’s pretty funny because I asked some random guy if he was the dude I was supposed to hookup with, he looked at me like I was tweaking or something.

There was a lot of action going on in the sauna room. Everyone was jerking off, sucking everyone else, it was like a hot and heavy porno. I also found myself in the dark room. The dark room is this little dark corner where you go in and there is a whole lot of touching, sucking, and other stuff! I had way too much fun in there too! Needless to say I’ll be going back to that place in the future. I was actually going to go tonight, but I was talking to Luis on the phone and it might be too late, laziness might have already set in. Although if I get inspired I might head out later. I’m eating popcorn, watching the Food Channel, and petting the cat. I feel like an old lady. Anyways.

With the whole Mario situation, I’ve really appreciated the friends that have really stuck with me through the years. Which reminds me, Rafael pay me my damn money bitch, or I’ll cut you! I’ve been listening to the new Sarah Mclachlan album so much now that I love it. I told you guys if I listened to it long enough I would love it. One of the songs I’ve been listening to lately is Push. I dedicate this song to all my friends. May I have enriched your lives as much as you have mine. Here are the lyrics to the song.

Every time I look at you the world just melts away

All my troubles all my fears dissolve in your affection

You’ve seen me at my weakest but you take me as I am

And when I fall you offer me a softer place to land

You stay the course you hold the line you keep it all together

You’re the one true thing I know I can believe in

You’re all the things that I desire you save me you complete me

You’re the one true thing I know I can believe

I get mad so easy but you give me room to breathe

No matter what I say or do ‘cause you’re too good to fight about it

Even when I have to push just to see how far you’ll go

You won’t stoop down to battle but you never turn to go

You stay the course you hold the line you keep it all together

You’re the one true thing I know I can believe in

You’re all the things that I desire you save me you complete me

You’re the one true thing I know I can believe

Love is just the antidote when nothing else can cure me

There are times I can’t decide when I can’t tell up from down

You make me feel less crazy when otherwise I’d drown

But you pick me up and brush me off and tell me I’m okay

Sometimes that’s just what we need to get us through the day

You stay the course you hold the line you keep it all together

You’re the one true thing I know I can believe in

You’re all the things that I desire you save me you complete me

You’re the one true thing I know I can believe

– Push, Sarah Mclachlan

Action Packed Weekend

Monday, January 12th, 2004

Originally Rafael and I were going to go to Key West because his ball-and-chain was going home to Lousiana. But of course, as is Rafael’s luck he did not get his credit card in time. So we had to stay in South Florida. Rafael was going to come over Friday afternoon and we were going to make it a mini-vacation. And that we did!

On Friday the plans were to go to the Ramrod and then to go to the Oakland bathhouse. The bathhouse took incredible coaxing because Rafael doesn’t like those places, but really he just doesn’t want people to see him naked. Unless he’s drunk then his name become Raf-Lo. So we headed off to the Ramrod. We thought there was a huge party going on because it was 11:35pm and the line was long to get in. It turned out that due to someone calling the fire marshall they now had to be very careful about how many people they had in the place. It sucked! I did see one of Mark’s ex’s in the front of the line. I would have said hi but I think he was the type who probably wouldn’t have remembered. Plus he wasn’t all that cute.

So when we got in we were expecting a full house. But it was actually pretty empty. And we were sober, so that’s a bad combination right there. Things weren’t as frisky as they usually are at the bar so we only lasted about an hour. Before we headed to the Oakland bathhouse. Like I said earlier Raf-Lo just wouldn’t stop bitching about not going. But on we went! I was a little bit nervous because I had never been to that one. I knew it was going to be an older crowd and not as hot as the one on Broward. Out of all the bathhouses that I have gone to this one I liked the least. I did like the dark room and the video room, but there was no pool or outside area, and the place looked like no one kept it up. This was a place to do your business and go. We were there for a while but there was barely any action happening, or I should say I was getting any action so after about one hour or two we called it a night.

Saturday we took Lola to the dog park. It was kind of empty because the day was overcast, but she loved it. We let her run around for about 45 minutes then we headed over to get some lunch and browse a couple of stores. Saturday night we were going to pick up Roscoe and hit some clubs in Coral Gables. Around dinner time I was already feeling tired and not wanting to go to Miami. Roscoe called and said he was going to stay with his friends and go to Twist. Rafael was a little disappointed but he suggested we just go to Twist. While I was taking a bath I realized that I always did that. I always get excited about something new then I complain that I”m too tired or that it’s too far. So I told Rafael that we were going to O’Zone and then we were hitting the Miami bathhouse :) I even found free coupons in the newspaper for a monthly membership so we were set.

We had a blast at Ozone. It was a really nice club. They played some latin music and then at 12:00am they started playing popular music. It reminded us of the music they played at UC in Gainesville. We were having fun. They had strippers, the layout of the club was nice, we made friends with a bartender named Ben, and the boys were cute! Latin hottness all the way! I had to tear Rafael away because he did not want to leave. So I threatened his life and off we went to the Miami Bathhouse.

The Miami Batthouse was my favorite. It’s smaller than the Broward one but it has definate charm! There was a ky corral area that was made of all wood that had a dark maze, a urinal, and a bondage chamber. I think there were glory holes too but it was too dark to tell. It was a really fun place. The crowd was a little light, but there were some hotties working the rooms. There was no action happening but plenty of dick to be seen! And most of them uncut. I was amazed at where the batthouse was since I had always worked out by there and never even noticed it. It’s right on Miracle Mile! Crazy!!!

Sunday I think was the most action packed of all the days. We took the river sight seeing tour in Fort Lauderdale. It was awesome! It showed all the big mansions in Fort Lauderdale and the Port. The view was breathtaking. Above all the cruise was so relaxing. We had a really good time. Afterwords we decided to watch Big Fish with Ewan McGregor. The movie was amazing. I got goose bumps during the last 30 minutes of the movie. It was so touching! I definately recommend everyone to go out and see it. I definately connected very much with the main character’s father because I tend to spin tales which at times are a bit exaggerated, call it cuban tradition! I didn’t know if Rafael was going to like it, but he loved it! I knew it was going to be good, because usually anything that Ewan McGregor does is very good. The Pillowbook was a bit strange but it did show him completly naked so he gets points for that one

That’s enough writing for this session. I’ll leave you with a link to a very funny flash applet that Ms. Broward sent me. If you guys are a fan of Outkast’s Hey Ya, you are going to love it. Click Here for it.

WW III and Friendly Visits

Tuesday, January 6th, 2004

I haven’t updated the blog in a while. This weekend went by real fast! Susie came by Saturday to spend the weekend. Arlet was supposed to come by to exchange presents, but she said she was sick, and then gave me attitude! So whatever! I guess I’ll find out what she got me for Christmas sometime soon, hopefully before next Christmas!

It was nice that Susie came over because we went to the Las Olas Arts Festival. I was going to buy some nice art, but everything was definately way over priced. I had gone to the Wilton Manors one last weekend and they had nicer stuffer for a better bargain. While we were walking the booths I saw an old classmate from high school, John Priovolos. We didn’t say hi, because we are social like that, but I had a huge crush on John when I was in high school. I was convinced he was gay, but it turned out he was just shy with the girls. I really don’t think he’s gay.

We also went to see Lord of the Rings with Rafael. It had been years since Susie and Rafael had seen each other even though we are all living in South FLorida now! The movie was very, very long. And while the movie itself was not bad at all, it was too much like part two, too much focus on the fighting and not enough on the fantasy element. I would have liked to see more fantasy elements. I had also seen Mona Lisa Smile a couple of weeks ago. I definately recommend that over LOTR 3. Mona Lisa Smile was a great dramatic movie for anyone who ever had a teacher who made a difference in their lives. It also helps that it had a power packed cast. I love anything Kristin Dunst does. I’ve been a fan of hers ever since I saw her in Interview with a Vampire and Drop Dead Gorgeous (one of the funniest movies I have ever seen).

Now that I’m on reviews, the Sarah McLachlan CD sucked. At first I hated it except for the first single, but now I don’t hate it as much. I listen to it whenever I take a bath so it is growing on me. It’s not as strong as her last albums. Shame because I was really expecting a lot from her this time around. Who knows it might turn out like the Madonna album. I hated American Life the album when it first came out. I finally listened to it long enough to like every single song on the album! I think it’s the subliminal messages that it has.

Mario came home Saturday. I was expecting him on Sunday. I’m glad that Susie was there to help out with the initial uncomfortable situation. He pretended like nothing happened and like usual didn’t apologize. Actually to this day he hasn’t apologized. I thought I was going to treat him like normal and just treat him like an acquantance, but I was so angry when I actually saw him that I decided not to talk to him. He tried to kid around about me not talking to him, but he quickly let that go. I’m not sure how long I will keep ignoring him, but it sucks that he didn’t even attempt at an apology for hurting my feelings.

Luckily I most probably will be going with Rafael to Key West this weekend so that we can unwind and have some fun. His ball-and-chain is leaving for New Orleans so he’ll be single for the weekend. We were going to stay at the IslandHouse Resort, but I think we might end up staying right on Duval Street! It will even be cheaper! I’ll let you guys know what and who we do :) I’m sure we’ll have tons of fun.

Since I’m on the topic of Key West which always leads to sex, I had a crazy hookup yesterday. He was a bit older, but he had a massive dick! It wasn’t that it was thick, so much as it was long! When he was pounding me it actually hurt when he went in all the way, so I think I know my threshold now! He fucked me in my bedroom, on my knees, next to the window, and even in the bathroom while we were taking showers. He didn’t use any lube and my ass was raw afterwards!!! Next time, lube all the way.

The scary part is that while I was about to cum, I either came so hard or the water was too hot, but I felt light headed and almost passed out. He was talking all sexual when he was about to cum, but all I could think about was staying focused and breathing evenly so I didn’t pass out. hehehe that would have been embarassing! Since he did fuck me so hard, my ass was raw that night when I tried using the restroom. That always scares me with std scares, so I gotta go get a checkup soon! I hate it though because the damn Chlymidia test is so damn painful. It’s evil! But I gotta do it!

I also start school this week. The two classes look very cool. I’m taking Operating Systems and Networking. Supposedly Operating Systems is the hardest class in the bunch. So if I do well in this class, I should breeze through the other classes. The classes this semester seem more like an online class and less like study from home course. There are schedules class sessions and more programming! Wish me luck!

Also thanks to everyone for signing my guestbook! You guys and gals rock. A special hello to TinaSlut. I gotta get out to Boston to visit you. I will I promise!

Ãœber Consumer

Friday, January 2nd, 2004

My Baby-GWell I totally made up for such a crappy New Year’s Eve buy picking up my mom Thursday and going to the Dolphin Mall. It’s like Sawgrass Mills, but it’s a little smaller and it has unique stores, which tend to have big bargains! I was originally going to take her to the Sunday Market on South Beach but I was disoriented because of the holidays and didn’t realize it was Thursday. We had so much fun, and she had her equal share of buying, buying, buying!

My star purchase was the Baby-G watch. I saw it on Instinct Magazine and I instantly fell in love with it. I found it at Sunglass Hut and purchased it right away. I bought a more expensive model and when I got home the lady had given me the wrong damn watch! I was so pissed. It was too late to go back to the mall and return it, even though I tried. I went today to the shop in Las Olas but they didn’t have the one that I wanted. So I went all the way to Galleria Mall for the watch. Heheh I wasn’t going to give up. I finally got the one that I wanted and it was actually $20.00 cheaper. It’s so pretty. It’s a little feminine but I don’t care. It looks awesome!

While I was at the Galleria Mall I noticed that KayBe Toystores was going under so they were having a big going out of business sale. I took advantage and bought two more gameboy games, Namco Classic Collection and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I am addicted! I still haven’t finished the first two games that I bought originally. But hey they were pretty cheap.

My second toy is a new cell phone. I competly destroyed my motorola v60 trying to put some flashy keypad on it. I soo killed it. On top of that I had dropped the cellphone in the water, so I don’t think it was every going to work the same again. After this huge ordeal trying to get a replacement I just decided to get a new one. I chose the Samung one pictured on the page. I was going to get the pda/cell phone all-in-one but it was way too expensive, and I would probably never use all the features!

All that’s left to do is sell all the accessories for the v60 on so that I can buy the accessories for the new phone :)

I almost forgot how made I was at Mario. While the madness might subside soon, I will never really forget the shit that he did to me for New Year’s Eve. I still don’t know how I will react when he comes home, but until then I’ll be plotting his death in my dreams. Only in my dreams, there is no need to call 911. I promise.

Samsung Phone!

I’m going to go pick up my new cell phone from my dad. Wish me luck. I start school and work on Monday which only means one thing, financial aid dispersement!!!!! I should take all the money and go to Europe, but I’m saving that for when I graduate. Right now I’ll use it to pay off all my credit cards so my credit looks squeaky clean for when I purchase my home! I hope it works. I think you arent’ supposed to use financial aid to pay debts but hey! I need it!

Until I write again, I hope the new year has started on a good note for everyone. I wanted to say hi to Jim and thank him for his kind emails. Look for his blog to come online soon!

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"I have quite a collection of journals. It's not so much that I write a lot. I have this bad habit of starting a new journal when I start a new chapter in life. Either I have had many turning points in my life, or I just wanted an excuse to buy new journals!"

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