Another Great New Year’s Eve

Happy 2004! Well last New Year’s Eve blew chunks. Mario and I went to Roscoe’s apartment and we had some champagne. After Mario and I were severly drunk we headed over to Lincoln Road. By the time we got there it was already the new year. We completly missed it. It was one of the worst new year’s that I had ever had. I vowed never to have such a horrible new year’s like that. Of course it was topped this year.

This year I was going to head over to my parents house. Since Mario threw a hissy fit, I decided to stay with him and spend it together. I figured we’d go out to the bars late at night or something like that. I was livid when Mario tells me at 3:30pm today that he’s going to Disney World with Rodrigo. I can’t fucking believe it. Not only did he not care that he was leaving me here alone, he didn’t even invite me to go. I wish I could say that this is uncharacterisitic of Mario, but sadly he pretty much does this all the time. It’s funny that he was mad at Rodrigo a couple of weeks back for doing the same thing.

So here I am now spending it alone. I was going to go to my parents but since I told them I was going to stay with Mario, they decided to go to my aunt’s. I really don’t know how to deal with Mario when he comes back. He really hurt me and I just don’t see him on the same level of friendship that I had him before. I see him more as a roommate/acquiantance now. He probably will find some stupid excuse that isn’t very convincing but honestly I’m not very interested. It’s going to be hell living with him for the next couple of weeks.

Today sucked. I’ll have to make tomorrow extra special.

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