Hungry as Sh*t!

Well I started my new healthlier living today. I’m hungry as shit! I set up my goals, so I’ll reach my ideal wait by August. Hopefully by that time I’ll be closing on my new house! After careful thought and bouncing back and forth, I decided to buy a house in the fort lauderdale area. I’m not going to wait for the guys in LA to relocate me, it might take a very long time, if they ever do! I was going to buy a condo in South Beach, but realistically for a two bedroom condo on the beach I could probably get a decent three bedroom house with a yard in Fort Lauderdale. I’ve always wanted a yard for Lola to play with, and all the gay people seem to be moving up to Fort Lauderdale from SoBe. SoBe’s getting too expensive and touristy.

My First Home!Buying a house is going to be a scary process since I don’t even know where to begin. I’m looking on spending between $250,000 to $275,000. I want something cute in the Victoria Park area. The only part that worries me is my less than perfect credit! Once I get past that hurdle I’m going to have so much fun fixing up and decorating my new house. I want a three bedroom so that I can use the third bedroom as an office. That’s going to be so awesome! Hopefully by that time I’ll still be working from home.

All I need to do now is raise the down payment, or win the lottery. I have my fingers crossed. When I start looking at houses, I’ll post some pics of the places that I’m considering. That’s what I did when I rented my first apartment in South Beach. Rafael and I went through Victoria Park Sunday to look through houses. It was such a cute neighborhood, expensive but cute. There were tons of trees and foliage and there was a very strong gay community. Also it’s very suburban looking but it’s right next to downtown. Which is great.

Mario wants to go to Disney for the New Year and Rafael wants to go to Island House. We always seem to make grand plans but end up going nowhere. I really hope we go somewhere! I haven’t been to Orlando in a while, and I”m always ready to go to Key West. Dinner’s here, so I’m ending this blog short today!

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