Family Day a Success

Saturday was a full day for me! I woke up at 8:30am and went to sleep at 4:30am earlier that morning. I hooked up with this guy that I met online, he was so fucking hot! I went over to his place in Wilton Manors. I spent quite a bit of time over there and got quite the workout! When I came back home I realized that I had left my wallet inside the apartment and I had no way of getting in! Mario wasn’t home either! I was stranded.

Luckily I parked the car out back and found an open door that I was able to squeeze through. Even though I was barely awake Saturday morning, it was well worth it. The guy I hooked up with was very hot, muscular, he was cuban, and had an amazing uncut dick. Whew! Getting sweaty just thinking about it.

Anyways, Saturday my parents and my godparents were coming to my place so that I can take my mom and godmother to the spa for massages, it was my christmas present to them. I’m very proud of myself because usually when there is a family function I also get stressed out or anxious. Especially when it involves mixing other people with my family. I don’t know if it was the lexapro finally sinking into my brain, but I was very mellow and had a great time.

Frank Sepe's Book

Gus and mercy gave me a gift certificate to barnes and noble, a christmas wine holder, and a nice bottle of wine. It was great! I used the gift certificate to buy Frank Sepe’s new book about fitness and weight lifting. The book had great details and the cover looked hot! So I decided it was a good choice.

For lunch we went to the Cheesecake Factory on Las Olas. We ate so much food! I thought I was going to pop. My godfather paid for everyone, which was awesome because I was almost broke by them time that I paid for the two massages! We walked up and down Las Olas for a bit, and everyone had fun. It was nice to be out with my family for more than an hour at a time! After the walk my parents headed home and Mario, the godparents and I headed to best buy. They bought some memory for the camera and I bought the new Sarah McLachlan CD. I haven’t heard it yet because I let Mario borrow it. I hope it’s good! I’ll let you guys know.

Sarah McLachlan's AfterGlow Mercy and Gus hung out here and we went to the gym for about 30 minutes. Then we settled down to watch Terminator 3 and we ordered from Galanga, my favorite thai/japanese restaurant. They left around 10:03pm, and I went to sleep soon after, but not before I played some Hobbit on the PS2.

Today I was going to work on my website, play some ps2, and take it easy. However Rafael came over and we went to Barnes and Noble, where I bought the book. Then we went to Java Boys for some coffee, where I lost my debit card, again! I’ve lost it like 6 times already in two years. It’s a record. Afterwards we went to the arts and crafts fair in Wilton Manors. They had a lot of very nice shops set up. I was going to buy Arlet’s late christmas present, but the place that had what I wanted to buy didn’t accept credit cards, of course I had lost my credit card but I didn’t know that yet!

When we got home Rafael played some Castlevania, and mentioned yet again that he was going to break up with Tommy. AGAIN! I think it’s #234. I’ll keep counting. We still haven’t made plans for New Years, but Rafael said Tommy is leaving for the second weekend in January so we might hit Island House in Key West. I love that place, it’s a gay hotel, bathhouse all in one. I hope Rafael gets his credit card, otherwise he won’t be able to go! When we go I’ll snap some pictures of the place. It’s beautiful.

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