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Before I get into my blog, I placed a link to an mp3 that has a message from me so that those of you that are curious can hear my voice. I also placed a voting link so that you guys can vote for my blog and give it good ratings hopefully! I received my first email today from the contact page letting me know that at least one person who I don’t already know is reading my blog! It totally made my day today!

I had a pretty uneventful day today. I took Lola to the dog park for most of the morning. Since two days ago I’ve been feeling really tired. I hope it’s just symptoms of a cold, which everyons seems to have. Everytime I feel tired or feel a little sick I automatically think it’s an STD or something! You gotta love us hypocondriacts. I’ve never had an STD, unless you count that bacterial infection that I had once that made my pee burn so bad, but it wasn’t gonnerhea, chlymidia, or syphillis. It was an unspecificed bacterial infection! Yeah!

I spoke to Iris, my cousin on the phone today. I haven’t seen her in a long, long time. I feel bad because she suffers from the same type of anxiety and depression that my mother and I do. She gets pretty down and doesn’t ever get out of the house and shes reading how to tell if your husband is cheating all day long! The company where her husband and her work is about ot close down so she’s feeling very down lately. I was happy I was able to chat with her some. It’s always good to talk to another crazy person to know that you are not alone. I hope I made her feel better.

I can definately relate to her issues, because two years ago, I had just moved to my first apartment in South Beach and literally the next day, the company went under. I thought I was going to go nuts. It was a very hectic five months. But life always sorts things out and I ended up working from home and getting more money than I had before! I had major anxiety and paranoia along the way, but hey life gives you highs and lows, othewise it would be no fun!

Tomorrow my parents and godparents are coming over. I’m taking my mom and godmother for a massage, it’s my christmas present to both of them. The guys are going ot stay here and we’ll probably watch some tv or something. Afterwards we are all going out to eat, but I have no idea where to go. I was going to take them to this kickass chinese buffet I heard about, the Emerald Garden, but the godparents are on a diet so buffet food is a big no-no. It will all work out in the end I’m sure. I’ll think of something.

I’m really digging my gameboy advanced. I’m starting to play with it more than I do the playstation 2. I bought Zelda for it and have been playing it for a while. I took it to the dog park to play today but I couldn’t see shit because the sun was too bright. And a couple of dogs started to slobber over the screen, so I decided it wasn’t a good idea.

I never ended up going to my parents for Noche Buena. I felt kind of bad, but I started doing some errands with Mario and it ended up being like 5:00pm when we finished. We bought some more fishies, they didn’t have the genetically engineered glow fishes that I wanted, but I got some more neon tetras, and some transparent ones that I don’t know the names of. Mario thinks I am overcrowding the aquarium, but I think it’s just fine. Two more fish and it will be too tight. I think in a couple of months we’ll be upgrading to a big ass tank.

I made up not going to Noche Buena with my parents, by spending Christmas with the folks. I thought they were going ot be bad but they weren’t. I fixed my dad’s laptop some, chatted with my mom, ate some food, and took a nap. It was great! I wanted to go to the bathhouse, which I haven’t been in forever, but no one wanted to go with me. I think i’m going to have to build up the courage to go alone! No one wants to go!!! And we have two. The one near me on broward called The Club, and one on oakland called Clubhouse II which attracts a leather crowd. I’ve never been to the one on oakland and I’m very curious. I’ll post details as soon as I go! I love the one on broward blvd. It’s very clean and nice. Lots of hot guys, but lots of guys have attitude!

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