Noche Buena

Pig Roast, Cuban Style.Well here it is Christmas Eve and I’m already dreading spending the night with the family. I was suppsed to wake up today and work from my parents house. But I always forget to factor in the lazy factor. So I’m still here wanting to do a thousand things before I head over to Hialeah, cuban headquarters. Like usual my dad wants to go to my Aunt’s at like 3:00pm. I’ll probably show up around 5:00pm to our house and then go over there for an hour or two. That’s how excited I am about going.

I woke up today and a friend called, we’ll call him Bob. I won’t give out his true identity because last time I talked about him in my journal, he brought up all these dramatic issues and threatened to sue. In a word he’s: drama. I love you, you know who you are. Well anyways, he woke up me to tell me that he slept over a friend’s house yesterday and basically seduced a straight guy into getting blown by him. I find that incredibly hot and so now I was horny and half asleep. What a way to start the day! All I need now are straight guy volunteers who need me to service them. Email me :).

Super Star! I saw the Best of Molly Shannon yesterday on DVD. It was pretty cute but it was so damn short, and it didn’t even have her best stuff, don’t even get me started! It was totally missing the Dog Show skits. Can you believe that? That’s her second best work next to the catholic girl. I also rented the best of Will Ferrel and I hope his DVD is better. It seems like they put together Molly Shannon’s DVD in a rush. Pity. I was expecting to laugh my ass off.

I have no idea what I’m doing for New Year’s Eve. I hope it’s not as lame as last year where Mario, Roscoe, Roscoe’s boyfriend, and I got drunk and then walked around Lincoln Road right at midnight. It sucked so bad! I was hoping to throw a party but Mario didn’t like that idea, and it was a bit too late. Hopefully Rafael will get his new credit card, and then it’s New Year’s Eve at Key West baby! We’ll see, I hope so. I would live in Key West if I had the chance! It’s so mellow and relaxed. And tons of fun! Well I guess I better start the day so I can get my ass off to my parents for the celebration. Happy Holidays.

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