Santa Came Early

Wow today was a great day for gifts. I didn’t get much done with work because my mind was on some faraway planet. Today I got the new computer bag that my dad got me. It’s so nice! Check it out, I posted a picture of it. Kenneth Cole! Fancy! Also my Best Buy Rewards coupons came today. Since I bought my dad’s laptop with them I got $90.00 in coupons. So after I finish work and walk Lola, I’m running to Best Buy to get my gameboy advanced, which will definately gaurantee that I will always be playing games. What can I say I’m a big kid at heart!

They had a medium sized earthquake today in central California which makes me think twice before wanting to move over there. My coworkers said that they got dizzy from the shaking. Our office is in West LA in a big highrise and we are in the 15th floor. Nice! But I don’t think it’s enough to deter me from moving over there. If they ever offer me a relocation package.

If I had to guess at what the future is going to look like, I’ll probably end up buying property in South Florida, and staying here. It’s probably the best setup even though my heart was set for the adventure at hand in Los Angeles. Oh well. You never really know what the future has in store. I’ll just play it by ear, and hopefully save some money in the meantime!

I need to start hitting the gym. I’ve been anxious like crazy lately. Going to the gym helps me produce endorphins which mellow me out. It also makes me feel better because I feel like I am not the lazy ass that I really am! Even though I’m buying that new gameboy today, I’m still gonna work out tonight damnit. Unless I can figure out a good excuse not too!

I also got my final grades from NOVA today. I got straight A’s!!! A 4.0. I haven’t done that in a long time. This is definately a good sign of things to come with graduate school. The next semester starts in early January and the classes that I’m taking are Networking and Operating Systems. One of the classes requires real classroom time over the internet real-time, so that should be interesting.

I’ll write some more tomorrow and let you know how late I stayed up playing with my new gameboy advanced.

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