Weekend Gone By Too Fast

Well there goes another weekend! It went by so damn fast! But I did get some stuff done this weekend! Yesterday Rafael came over and Mario and I did some shopping. I bought some stuff for my bathroom and a bath tray so that I can put my book on when I take a long bath. Before I used to get all my textbooks wet because I had no where to put them.

When Rafael came over we went to Publix to get some sushi and wine, for a party that Mario’s cousin was having. We got ready and headed over there. It was very cold for South Florida last night. It was in the 50’s. We got to Rodrigo’s place and there were only two other people there! It turned out that it was more of a get together then a party. Rodrigo’s boyfriend, who I finally wanted to meet, was still working. So I never got to meet him. Mario was drunk by this time with some Sour Green Apple mix we bought. In true ghetto fashion he bought the drink in a coffee warmer.

Rafael and I had one drink each and then we said our goodbyes and headed for the Ramrod. It was Mario’s first time there so he was scared shitless. Once we were there for a couple of minutes Mario calmed down a little. It wasn’t as packed as when Rafael and I went last weekend. There was no raunchiness I can see. But we did meet a cute boy from Albaquerqie, NM. We talked to him for a while but then he headed to the Coliseum to check that place out. After the Ramrod we headed to Boom for a couple of seconds, and I stumbled into Georgie’s Alibi. It was kind of dead so I headed back and I found Mario and Rafael coming out. We decided to go to Denny’s for some breakfast before heading home.

That was the fun and exciting Saturday that I had! Today I was supposed to go to my godparent’s house for dinner. But I told them that it was Luis’s birthday. The truth is that I was so damn tired and didn’t want to go anywhere today. I wanted to fix my website some and play on the playstation, and also help Mario install the computer I gave him.

I put up a new guestboard on my site. You can go to it by clicking the boards button on the menu. I also fixed the chat room which was broken before. The webcam is also working. I just have to start chatting and webcamming more often!

I’m going to enjoy a nice bath with all my new shower toys. I’ll let you know how much fun I have! Make sure to leave me comments in the guest book page if you read this blog! I would greatly appreciate it!

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