Pets and Stress A Winning Combo

Well it’s time to introduce the pets. Mario, my roommate, and I have amassed quite a collection of pets. We started with just Lola, the beagle. I got her as a present from Roscoe for my Her name was Lola. birthday while I was at college. She’s been my companion ever since. I can’t imagine life without my Lola! When Mario and I moved into NewRiver Village he wanted to get another pet. We were going to get a dog but ended up adopting a kitten at the pound. Rocco, as we called him, is my first cat, and suprisingly, I like cats more than I thought. He’s a little devil but he’s so much fun to play with. Unless you are trying to sleep and he’s biting your feet at 4:00am. Then he’s not so fun.

Finally for Christmas Mario gave me a fish tank with four goldfish. I loved this present because I love fish tanks. They really help me relax and I have them behind me where I work so that I can stare at them when I get too stressed out. Today I went out and bought some neon fishies and a cleaner fish. Now we have nine fish in total! I haven’t named any of them, because I’d forget all their names. So I just call them fishies! Fishies! They are great. Enjoy the pics of my pets. As we get more animals I’ll post their pics! If it was up to me, I’d live in a ranch and have a zoo. But I like the city lifestyle so I won’t be doing that just yet. Rocco

Speaking of fish and relieving stress, another keyword in my life is stress. To know me is to know how drama and stressful I can get. I partly inherited stress and anxiety from my mother, and the other part I just picked up from all my neurotic friends. I’m currently taking lexapro, which has eased a lot of the anxiety, and has helped me leaps and bounds with my social anxiety. I used to be real bad. Now I find myself being more social around people. It’s tough to have social anxiety and on top of that I work from home, so you can imagine the only human interaction I have is with my roommate and my friends when they come to visit. Oh and my family too! My friends accuse me of always trying to medicate them with anti-anxiety and depression medicine, but believe if you knew them, you would know they need it, and badly! Luis is an anxiety whore and a hypocondriac. It’s a wonderful combo believe me! And Rafael! Wow, he needs a whole entry. I’ll get into that one some other time!Visit http://thehappypooch.com/grooming-care/ for more information.

It’s friday night but I don’t think I’m going out. I’ll probably have some dinner, play Hobbit on the playstation2 and then hit the gym for a while. I want to go to the bathhouse, but I would never go alone, so I”m trying to convince my ghetto ass friends to go. Luis is the best prospect because he likes to go. Rafael is always broke, ALWAYS BROKE, and Mario says he doesn’t “pay for sex”, but please he pays for AOL, which he uses to hook up exclusively and manhunt.net.


Oh yeah totally unrelated, I got straight A’s for my first semester doing my Master’s in Computer Science. I’m so damn happy. I was worried about the second class because I thought I didn’t do that well on the final but it turns out I got an A- on the final and an A in the final class. It’s good to finally get straight A’s. My undergraduate career was more about partying than taking school seriously! Hehehhe hopefully I’ve out grown those days! Although I still do like to party.

Read more at http://www.shieldmypet.com.

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