Luis’ Birthday

Well that new web hosting company I was trying out was horrible. They were incredibly slow and I decided to switch back to olm.net. However, during the time of the switch I lost out on some emails and I wasn’t able to post to my blog! I’ll make up for it by writing in it now at 3:52am!

Today I celebrated Luis’ birthday. Luis and I in our college days. He is one of my oldest and best friends. I’ve known him since I was in high school and he helped me come out our senior year of high school. For dinner we took him to Madames restaurant. It’s a themed restaurant where drag queens serve you dinner and there is a show every 15 minutes or so. It was pretty dead since it was a Thursday night. Even though the menu was limited the food was good and the show was entertaining. Although I thought the drag could have been a little bit more interactive and vicious.

Afterwards we went to Cupids Cabaret. It’s the only male full nude gay strip bar in Miami. The cover was waved if you bought an unwrapped toy so Erica, Luis, and I bought three gifts at Walgreens to get it! The crowd was kind of small but there were some hot strippers. My favorite was Nitro. He had a shaved head, which is my favorite, and he had a huge monster dick! I love sitting up in the front of the stage and making them work for their money!

Luis took one of the hot strippers to the VIP room. He payed way too much money, but at least now we know what goes down. He gave the stripper some head for about 20 minutes and that was worth about $160.00. Heheh don’t think he’ll be doing that again! I just got home from the night recently, and everytime I go to Cupid’s I get so damn horny from all those boys. So I’m online and looking for some fun this morning! I hope I’ll be able to get up tomorrow to work.

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